Lets make Christmas 2009 a Handmade Christmas to Remember

This post has been modified to include all links that were contributed to the "Great Ideas for a Handmade Christmas 2009"

Please read, I think this is important for most of us:

(can you people handle a post with no pics? I find that hard, sorry)

In 2009 I resolve to be ready for Christmas and I am committing to start sewing in September. Many of you agree with me and some of you said you'd work along side me and we could encourage each other. But we need a plan. Right?

This has been on my mind the past weeks and also on Cheryl's at Polka Dots & Rick Rack. We have talked together in the past week and are excited to organize Great Ideas for a Handmade Christmas 2009. We do really need your help and hope you will get excited about this and resolve along with us to be ready to sew early in 2009 so we can all enjoy the Christmas season with less stress.

Cheryl and I are going to start off by posting gifts and ornaments we made this year that worked out, also items we wished we could have made (had we had time) and interesting ideas that could be developed for future gift giving. This way we will have a comprehensive list that everyone can use when the handmade preparation time comes. I'm already forgetting some of the lovely ideas out there that I was admiring while furiously sewing in December. A list of ideas, tutorials and patterns will give us the kick-start we may need in the fall. Are you with us??? Come on!

The idea is to post on your blog and let
Cheryl or I know that you have posted some good ideas and we'll list your name along with a link so others can view your ideas. But! You don't have to have a blog to join us. Just email me or Cheryl or comment to us and we'll add your ideas on our blogs. There is a button on my side bar you can capture and place on your blog so others may know about this and we can gain support for a wide range of ideas. Sharing of ideas will be open for the next 2 weeks. At that point Cheryl and I will both have a complete list of ideas and we'll
compile them together in a blog post that you can link to the button. That way
all anyone has to do is click the button on any blog and it will take you to the
full list of ideas. And you may have more than 1 set of ideas come to you in the
next weeks so email us about all of them.

Questions? I'm sure you have them. Just ask. Again, this is open to anyone and everyone. And before I go any further I have to thank Terri at Purple and Paisley for making our lovely button. I think it is simple and kind of new vintage looking.

I'm starting the list today:

1. I was wowed this year by Monica's Pennie Pockets. I AM going to make those in 2009. I even thought they would make darling valentines with some chocolate in them. Cute huh.
2. I also loved Jona's Simple Apron in a half hour. That was her Christmas gift to us. For me that is a gift that will keep on giving.
3. I will be making Eileen's Groovy Jingle Owls for sure. I'm not so sure about the itty bitty yo yos, I may have to use felted wool. But we'll see.
4. Pam and Elizabeth made the sweetest embellished scarf and hat set. This would make such a great gift. It is definitely going on the list. They even have a PDF for the idea here.
5. Some of my favorite things I made this year are: Flour Sack Dish Towels, Easy Applique Dish Towels, Christmas Ornaments (tutorial for house on Orange Flower) and the Little Christmas Trees (with tutorial on Small Object), and my House Hot Pads (tutorial pending).

Below are some of your entries:

6. Michelle - Barbara Brandeburg's Apron Jazz

7. Sherri and Eileen - Spool Sewing free patterns (this is where Eileen got her bird pattern, too)

8. Jackie - bell ornament, best press sleeve, fat sack (and there are other tutorials from Terry listed on the site with the fat sack)

9. Stephanie (she has several tutorials on her blog) - baskets from Pink Penguin (can't make enough of these) but also on the Penguin site there are other great tutorials and stuffed trees on Stephanie's blog

10. Rachel - Crayon Roll

11. Jacquie - is working on a tree skirt - more info to follow

12. Kim - Sew Mama Sew full of tutorials and good ideas. One thing thing I made for 2007 was this zipper bag and this is the master link for 2007 ideas

13. Jane - yo yo garland (I'm definitely making this for next Christmas)

14. Julia - Sew Mama Sew 2008 master list

15. Sandi has started a new blog called Keeping Christmas for those who want to start now to keep up with Christmas all year long. Sandi also has darling ornament patterns and several tutorials on her blog.

16. Lit and Laundry - Shopping bags

17. Nedra - Kim's kalidoscope quilt

18. Robyn - Nordic Houses (other tutorials at Orange Flower)

19. Pat - purse organizer, coasters

20. CJ - Jona's aprons

21. Carolyn J - ornament

15. Andsewon - bags, appliqued dish towels

16. Joy - Toiletries bag

17. Des - great long list of stuff!

18. Rita - headbands

19. Joyce - pillow cases and canned items (I usually make salsa in the fall, too and I've given that at Christmas)

20. Jeanette - reindeer ornament

21. Mary - Appliquer's chantelaine

22. Juliacute calendar holder

23. Julia - Door Stopper

24. JanetTissue Cover

25. Bonnie (no blog) Cookie Mix In A Jar

26. Bonnie (no blog) Easy Ironing Board Cover

27. Cheryl – Mini Notebooks

28.. CherylFabric Christmas Bag

29. CherylBest Press Bottle Cover

30. CherylTissue Box Cover

31. CJPortable Checker Game Board

32. NanetteDoll House Pot Holders

33. Kimberly - Easy snap wallets

More to come as I get a chance to add them! Thanks everyone

Ok everyone - thinking caps on and hands on keyboard. Cheryl and I welcome your ideas.

Thanks! And a Very Happy New Year to us all. May it bring us Health, Wealth and Happiness (not necessarily in that order).


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Purple and Paisley said...

great idea and great post...and wow! that button! making those must be like rocket science or something...☺...off to think of stuff to share with you and cheryl!

Funky Kim said...

What a terrific idea! But I'll have to start sewing in July. I sew slow. LOL

Living on the Spit said...

What a great idea Nanette! I will post the button on my blog, but don't really have anything to share yet.

I love your hot pads and I need lots of ornament ideas. I also want really easy table runners.

I am definitely into this idea.

Happy New Years Day!


Anonymous said...

Wow getting an early start would be ideal. I myself would have to start like now. I'm not very artistic, but I'll see what I can come up with. Thanks for coming up with this wonderful idea. Homemades are the bestest! Happy New Year. RaeAnn
P.S. Just ordered my Minny Muu Japanese fabric from your contact.

Michelle said...

Love the list of ideas!
Here's one: Barbara Brandeburg's "Apron Jazz" pattern is darn cute and sews up quickly. It's cute with large ric-rac added. I made several for Christmas this year.

beth at aunties said...

This is a wonderful idea and I will add the button and get back to you with ideas. I loved Jona's apron and want to make some of those beauties myself.

happy New Year!

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

I am in for sure!! I've already started making ornaments for the white tree I just bought *grin*

I have some links posted for fabric basket tutorials. I think they would be darling as gifts (or containers for gifts!)

Patty said...

I love this and look forward to all the wonderful ideas everyone will be offering!

Fiesta said...

count me in my friend. Just keep me informed as to when to start posting.
I already started making Christmas things.
By the way, big giveaway going on so check my blog!

Des said...

You are so right. I can't read a post without pictures. Will you please add pictures so I can know what's going on? :)

No, I'll go back now and try to read without looking at pictures to guide me. I hate it when I have to make my brain work.

BUT I'm all over this idea!!! Good job girls!

Kim said...

Okay, I'm in! Thanks again Nanette & Cheryl for another brilliant idea! I just love ALL things CREATIVE and this get's my juices going and I've already been thinking about it and have posted the button on my blog and also a future resource list.

Have a Great and Productive New Year. All the BEST in 2009!!!

Carolyn J. said...

Great Idea.......I had already planned on cutting squares from scraps as I finished project and later making criss-cross coasters as gifts from this tutorial

I'd also like to make some jingle owls and I'll email you a photo of an ornament that my daughters future mother-in-law made years ago, she has since passed away. I think I can figure out the pattern.

Thanks for the inspiration! Every year I vow to start earlier, maybe this year will be that one.....LOL

(no-blog yet)

Sherri said...

Hi Nanette, This is such a fantastic idea!!! I'll post the button on my blog today and get back with ideas...one to start, though is the precious bird ornaments I've seen...there are free patterns over at Spool Sewing and Purl. A simple framed block is another great idea...okay I'll get a list to you soon!

jona said...

Great idea Nanette! Thanks for including my apron. :) I'm so bad at procrastinating but with a little help from my bloggy friends maybe I can overcome it this year?!

Jackie said...

Nanette, Happy New Year!! What a terrific idea that you and Cheryl have cooked up. This will be the year to end procrastination!! I already have another link for you with wonderful idea... Dawn at Sew Ritzy Titzy had posted on 12/30 a wonderful little ornament! This also would make a terrific gift. As well as Terri Atkinson at Notes from Terri, she had several The Fat Sack, Best Press Sleeve and several more. They are all terrific gift ideas.

Eileen said...

This is a really great idea. And you were so sweet to include my Jingle Owls.. thanks! The little birdie pattern was from Spool Sewing, so we can link to that, and those felt stocking were really cute too.. I have the link for those as well. We will have a wonderful list!

Jackie said...

Oh, I am back again, I can send you the PDF for the Tube method, no fray, no open seams pillowcases. It is a 20 min project and has been a big hit.

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I love this idea! I already have started - I can't believe it, either! I will be posting soon and will let you know what I've done. Can't wait to see other good ideas.

Darlene said...

Wonderful idea! I've been thinking long and hard the past month about wanting to do one Christmas project every month. This way when I decorate next November I'll have a nice variety of goodies to use. This is not about making gifts but about filling my home with treasures I've made.

Stephanie said...

Absolutely terrific idea! I think Pink Penguin's fabric baskets should definitely go on the list. I'll have to think about what I could contribute.

rachel griffith said...

told you before i am SO in.

im not sure if you saw...but i made those crayon rolls for my niece & nephews. they were a BIG hit. and then tutorial is on ,y blog as well.
just a thought.

Susan said...

You are always thinking Nanette, great idea. For me to get organized is half the battle. I'll put up a button on my sidebar.

Happy New Year!

Candace said...

What a fabulous idea, Nanette! I wish I could play along, but I'll have all I can handle getting one house ready to sell and moving into another - so I offer what I can - support! And, hey, if I come up with a terrific idea along the way I'll be sure to let you know!
Cheers and Happy New Year!

jacquie said...

i'm working on a tree skirt idea right now and i have lots of other ideas. this is SUCH a fabulous idea. i'm with you!

Kim said...

Nanette first of all Happy New Years to you and your family.
Secondly I wouldn't wait till September I'd start NOW! SOme groups have reminders on the 24th or the 25th of each month. Which is really helpful if you're making larger quilts, bags etc.
I'm working on one already and it's only the first of the year. Next year, all 3 of my neices are getting quilts for Christmas. The ones I gave were well received this Christmas.
So what do we have to do to put your little tag up again? Oh and Sew Mama Sew is an awesome sight for ideas for Christmas gifts- remember that's how most of us found you through your lovely heart banner.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Hmm, I am a quilter not much of a crafter, but a goal for me is to make a Christmas yo-yo garland for our tree, i will need a lot of yo yo's so the sooner i start the better. so please count me in, and stop by my giveaway! hugs

julia said...

Hi Nanette,
what a terrific idea - and you're so right to start early ;o)
I know that there was something similar on sew mama sew blog this...eh..last year and the year before...here's the link to the "master list" of 2008:

Happy new year!

Momoo said...

What a great idea, looking forward to seeing everyone's ideas.

Trisha said...

Count me in! I really need Christmas to be less stressful next year. Love the idea!

Catherine said...

Definitely please count me in!! I'll add the button to my blog soon and come up with some ideas!
But I'm starting now. I like the idea of making one (at least one) gift a month, starting in January so that by the time we get to September, there's already a head start.

Glenna at Hollyhock Quilts said...

What a fantastic idea! You are such an inspiration!

Thanks for the recent visit on the blog. I always love hearing from you. Have a wonderful New Year, Nanette!

Linda said...

Fabulous idea Nanette. I need all the help I can get to get organised. I will put your button on my sidebar. Again thanks so much.

Nedra said...

I've already blogged about buying Christmas fabric at 70% off and some of the projects I want to work on. My only problem is I want to do Kims kaliedoscope (that she just did a tutorial on) and your cottages. Hmm... I'll put my thinking cap on and let you know. This is a great idea and I'm ready to get started!

Lurline's Place said...

Oh, I mustn't miss out on this one, Nanette! I would love to be organized for next Christmas and maybe I can make some contribution!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Sandi said...

Happy New Year Day, Nanette! Sounds like you have a plan. I already have a list started for next year of things I didn't get to this year!! :-) So many fun things to do and always more of them than actual time to do them!!! I do plan to have next Christmas be less hectic. I make myself a promise to get my volunteer things done by the end of November so I can focus on family things next year. We shall see if I can keep the promise!

Anita said...

Happy New Year! I love this idea. I was just talking with a girlfriend today about not having enough time this year to make all of things on my list for Christmas. Both of us wished we had started our holiday sewing earlier in the year. Thank you for the great idea!

Robyn said...

Hi Nanette...now this is what I love about quilters and crafters...we od this stuff! Fantastic idea and so early in the year.
I have a couple of ideas, but would need to create tutorials...small ideas (ornaments and bookmarks)...will see how I go, but also made the dear little Nordic houses and another one I thought was a beaut was the Pink Penguin tutorial for her dear little bags...links to both are on my blog if you don't already have them.
Hugs to you for your wonderful creativity and foresight!!
Robyn xx

Carrie P. said...

This sounds like a great idea. Count me in. Thanks for getting us all to be more organized.

Threeundertwo said...

Happy New Year! Such a great idea. This year I made a bunch of shopping bags for people from this pattern on Craftster: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=177482.0

I used a Target bag as a pattern, which seemed to be a good size.

Kerri said...

I would like to be a bit more organized this year, so that would be great. Good on you girls for organizing this. Christmas 2009 will be looking very crafty. Count me i.

the Material Girls Quilts said...

I'll say it again but you are amazing! Count me in! I have lots of ideas and can't wait.

Julia said...

Fabulous idea Nanette!
I'll put up a button on my sidebar....and see what I can come up with to share..
Julia ♥

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Nanette and Cheryl, what a great idea. You can count me in and I'll send some ideas your way soon.
Thinking cap on...

clare said...

Great idea I would love to be in thankyou .
Clare's Craftroom

Pat said...

Here are links to two tutorials of items I find are nice gifts...the first is a neat purse organizer and the second one if for criss-cross coasters in which you slip the base of wine glasses. (If you make each coaster different, people can easily keep track of which wine glass belongs to which person.)



Messy Karen said...

this is a great idea. some of the things on my promise-to-do list i have found on your blog. so thank you. i would so love to make Mel's button door hangers. & swear to you personally that i would start right away. no waiting. so i hope they're on her list to share.

Carrie P. said...

Love your new header. Very cute.

MichelleB said...

Sounds like a great idea! And, I LOVE your new blog design - adorable!

Cathy ~o said...

This is a great idea. I started on next year's gifts last night, my plan is to be all done by Thanksgiving, whether it will work or not, who knows? LOL
I'm going to put your button on my blog and if I come up with any ideas, or see any elsewhere I will pass them along to you.

Linda said...

Well you know I'll jump in too. Don't think I'll wait until September though as all my gifts get mailed to Australia. I've already made a start on a couple. Now do you want our own original ideas, or ideas that we've seen as we've traveled around the blogs?

Linda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Quilt Monkey said...

Oh I love this idea! I've never done a tutorial on my own blog, but I have one in mind. I have benefitted from so many tutorials that bloggers have made that I really want to share my ideas with others, too. If I get it done soon, I'll send you a link!

Nan said...

What a wonderful idea you and Cheryl have cooked up! Don't forget to add those adorable bags you made - I forget where the tutorial is from. I loved them and made them for Christmas, with happy results!
I'll be putting on my thinking cap for other things, but I know you will have a ton of ideas before you know it!! Hooray for Homemade!!!
I love your new banner, by the way!!

Annette said...

I LOVE your new blog design. This is a great idea. Won't it be nice to just whip all those finished projects out next December and not be sewing up to Christmas Eve? I will put your button on my blog and see if I can come up with ideas to share.

CJ said...

Posts without pictures ARE hard to do, but sometime they are just necessary (at least for me,who depends on dh to upload get the pictures off of the computer!). I LOVE this idea of getting ready early. September??? I am thinking more of year 'round. I made two of Jona's aprons - you can see them on my blog. Those were last minute gifts and they went together so easily and the recipients LOVED them. Will there be a list and links all in one place??

CJ said...

Posts without pictures ARE hard to do, but sometime they are just necessary (at least for me,who depends on dh to upload get the pictures off of the computer!). I LOVE this idea of getting ready early. September??? I am thinking more of year 'round. I made two of Jona's aprons - you can see them on my blog. Those were last minute gifts and they went together so easily and the recipients LOVED them. Will there be a list and links all in one place??

CJ said...

sorry about that double post, the computer must have burped! :0

Just wanted to say...CUTE new blog header! Very cheery. :D

Joyce said...

Love your new look! I am going to start early this year as well. I made 18 pillow cases this year and they were a hit.. figured that would be a quick easy project.. and it certainly was! I do my parents canning in the early fall so that works for Christmas gifts.. Thanks for sharing you ideas!

julieQ said...

I am going to do some of this in the coming year too. It is too stressful to get ready for Christmas in December!! Thank you for the wonderful ideas.

andsewon said...

Great idea!!! Will add button to my blog also. Hope to get loads done ahead of time this year for sure!! We also have 13 grands so have loads of BDs thru the year to make gifts for some ideas will go for those!
Aprons have been a hit for me too. Made some of the ones from dish towels with appliqued names on them. Also totes and bags!

Joy said...

What a fabulous idea!!! I love the jingle owls!!! I posted a tutorial on my blog on Dec 30th for a toiletries bag, I made 3 of them for Christmas pressies last year and I'd love to add it to your list of ideas :o).
Joy :O)

requilt said...

I just came across this tutorial and I know I will have to make a few of these:
I can't wait to see all of your ideas for me to start on for next Christmas.
Rita E in AZ

Jeanette said...

Hi, ive added the button to my blog. I don't have any ideas to add but i'd decided before Christmas '08 that i was going to start in January to be ready for Chrostams '09. Though i did see on www.lynettandersondesigns.typepad.com. a cute reindeer made out of wine corks

Jeanette :)

Thimbleanna said...

What a great idea Nanette! I never get all the projects done that I want to make each year. I'll definitely have to give this some thought. Are you only doing gifts, or will you be doing other Christmas ideas too (ornaments, gift wrap, etc.)

Hannah said...

This is such a great idea! I spent the week before Christmas sewing from 7am to after midnight every single day! I don't plan on doing it next year.

Michaele said...

I love this idea! Pacing ourselves throughout the year, giving us the opportunity to really enjoy each moment as we create- which our gift recipients will appreciate!

Thanks for the inspiration!


Bella said...

I'm a little late to the party...but I want to join in too. Great ideas!

RobinE said...

What a brilliant plan! Thinking ahead is not really my forte, so having a big support system is a must for me. :) I'll definitely be putting on my thinking cap and gathering some ideas to share.

Thanks for doing this, Nanette! :)

ILuvBNaMom said...

What a wonderful idea! I got so behind for Christmas 2008 and I really want to stay on track this year. My blog has pictures of a few things I made for this Christmas, but they are not so great (I'm still sort of new at sewing).

Kathy said...

This is sew great! I have posted on my blog about "Gift of the Month" to encourage people to make a gift each month (or more, if they have time) so that when Christmas 2009 rolls around, lots of gifts will be ready to wrap.

I'm going to be creating a blog in a day or two for this so I'll let you know.

Woo Hoo! I'm excited!

Sandra :) said...

Fabulous idea - how about magic stockings? Instructions are here - http://www.nealsew.com/files/StockingDirections.PDF ... I posted some pics on my blog on Nov. 20/23/30 - they're a lot of fun to make, and sewing one seam creates the lining and outside already assembled - just add a cuff & hanger - definitely MAGIC!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Wonderful! My idea was hatched in the fall but I never got it posted!
Three Corner Fabric and Button Box.
It's a cute idea for a small notions holder...which I will post on my blog librarygalquilts.blogspot.com by the end of the day. Thanks for offering a place to share it! Pam in Chico

happy zombie said...

Ohmygoodness... what a great list! And I'm so honored to be on it! This is definitely a post I'll keep bookmarked and re visit often. You're amazing, Nanette!

Joy said...

Thanks Nanette for including my tutorial in your list :o). I've also found some gorgeous patterns on your list that I'd like to make too!!!
Joy :O)

Sandra :) said...

I just found this tutorial and will try this project in the next few days --- coffee cozies!! http://houseonhillroad.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/01/a-new-years-gif.html - those cups from Tim Hortons are hot!!

Anonymous said...

count me in! I love handmade stuff. I'll grab the button on my way. thanks for the idea of collecting ideas for next season of giving.

Anonymous said...

how do I get the button???

julie isa said...

Just what I needed!!! Thanks! Please sign me up. I've been collecting ideas for this very thing. YEAH!!!

mascanlon said...

I made 8 of these pincushions from a free pattern at Fat Quarters Shop after seeing them at Pam Kitty Morning. They were the perfect gift for my friendship group, especially because you made 2 at once!

Julie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie said...

Thanks Nanette and Cheryl for hosting such a great idea. I just put the button on my blog and will be adding ideas in the next few days.

Robyn said...

Hi Ladies...oooh this is going to be exciting!!
A little note to let you know, I'll be shortly working on a tutorial for this little number finished yesterday... http://daisyquilts.blogspot.com/2009/01/creating-take-peek.html

You already have me on your list wiht other links but this one will be added hopefully by the end of the month...
Oooh fun!!
Robyn xx

avidcrazyquilter said...

What a great idea, This would keep me motivated to not forget all those things I plan right after Christmas but then never follow through. Sign me up please, and will be glad to add the button to my blogs.

Julie C.

Margot said...

Hi Nanette,
I love this idea! I want to participate. Add the button to my blogs.

Margot from Brasil

Heather said...

Hello--great ideas for Christmas and for birthdays along the way, too. I have a few tutorials on my blog. You might like one or two for your list. Please check. http://bluebirdstudio.blogspot.com/search/label/tutorial

Beverly said...

I don't have a blog, so I'm commenting - didn't get a chance to read all your comments, so this may be a duplicate. Anna Maria Horner's blog has some great tutorials - especially the owl ornament and the felt garland.


I love this idea.. Could you help me place this button on blog... I don't know how..

Lori Holt said...

How do I put this button on my blog? I have tried but can't find any kind of code for it--would you mind sending it to me?

Aunt Bea said...

I have written a little post about your handmade Christmas 2009 on my blog and of course linked it back to you. Thanks for putting this together!!

Cora said...

Is it to late to post? I have a great eye glass tutorial on my blog. Check it out at www.acraftymoment.blogspot.com

Let me know if you're going to post my link. Here it is to make it easy for you if you decide to post it.


Shelli said...

I'd love to be a part of this project! I just stumbled onto your blog, and was excited to see your handmade promotion. On my blog, I have created a hand-stitching tutorial with two free Christmas embroidery patterns. Here is the link:


I have other free patterns and ideas that I'd love to share!



A Happy Bluebird said...

Here it is AUGUST and I'm starting to think about Christmas. This is a great idea - I will put a link on my blog today and write a little about this great idea over the weekend. Thanks!

MARCIE said...

I saw this link on a couple blogs and so am dropping by to check this list out. I offer a free Christmas pattern on my blog and website each year. I just posted a picture for this year and will post the directions soon. Take a peek if you like and I will let you know when the directions are ready. Merry Christmas! Ho ho!

Anonymous said...

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How-To Gal said...

Excellent post! I am also creating a DIY Christmas Gift Guide on my blog and would love to link to your post. Email me at the.how.to.gal@blogspot.com if I can!


Anonymous said...

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juliecache said...

I'll be watching this list. Is there a way to follow this blog? I'm not seeing a 'follow' button.

raviraj said...

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