Lets make Christmas 2009 a Handmade Christmas to Remember

Thursday, January 01, 2009

This post has been modified to include all links that were contributed to the "Great Ideas for a Handmade Christmas 2009"

Please read, I think this is important for most of us:

(can you people handle a post with no pics? I find that hard, sorry)

In 2009 I resolve to be ready for Christmas and I am committing to start sewing in September. Many of you agree with me and some of you said you'd work along side me and we could encourage each other. But we need a plan. Right?

This has been on my mind the past weeks and also on Cheryl's at Polka Dots & Rick Rack. We have talked together in the past week and are excited to organize Great Ideas for a Handmade Christmas 2009. We do really need your help and hope you will get excited about this and resolve along with us to be ready to sew early in 2009 so we can all enjoy the Christmas season with less stress.

Cheryl and I are going to start off by posting gifts and ornaments we made this year that worked out, also items we wished we could have made (had we had time) and interesting ideas that could be developed for future gift giving. This way we will have a comprehensive list that everyone can use when the handmade preparation time comes. I'm already forgetting some of the lovely ideas out there that I was admiring while furiously sewing in December. A list of ideas, tutorials and patterns will give us the kick-start we may need in the fall. Are you with us??? Come on!

The idea is to post on your blog and let
Cheryl or I know that you have posted some good ideas and we'll list your name along with a link so others can view your ideas. But! You don't have to have a blog to join us. Just email me or Cheryl or comment to us and we'll add your ideas on our blogs. There is a button on my side bar you can capture and place on your blog so others may know about this and we can gain support for a wide range of ideas. Sharing of ideas will be open for the next 2 weeks. At that point Cheryl and I will both have a complete list of ideas and we'll
compile them together in a blog post that you can link to the button. That way
all anyone has to do is click the button on any blog and it will take you to the
full list of ideas. And you may have more than 1 set of ideas come to you in the
next weeks so email us about all of them.

Questions? I'm sure you have them. Just ask. Again, this is open to anyone and everyone. And before I go any further I have to thank Terri at Purple and Paisley for making our lovely button. I think it is simple and kind of new vintage looking.

I'm starting the list today:

1. I was wowed this year by Monica's Pennie Pockets. I AM going to make those in 2009. I even thought they would make darling valentines with some chocolate in them. Cute huh.
2. I also loved Jona's Simple Apron in a half hour. That was her Christmas gift to us. For me that is a gift that will keep on giving.
3. I will be making Eileen's Groovy Jingle Owls for sure. I'm not so sure about the itty bitty yo yos, I may have to use felted wool. But we'll see.
4. Pam and Elizabeth made the sweetest embellished scarf and hat set. This would make such a great gift. It is definitely going on the list. They even have a PDF for the idea here.
5. Some of my favorite things I made this year are: Flour Sack Dish Towels, Easy Applique Dish Towels, Christmas Ornaments (tutorial for house on Orange Flower) and the Little Christmas Trees (with tutorial on Small Object), and my House Hot Pads (tutorial pending).

Below are some of your entries:

6. Michelle - Barbara Brandeburg's Apron Jazz

7. Sherri and Eileen - Spool Sewing free patterns (this is where Eileen got her bird pattern, too)

8. Jackie - bell ornament, best press sleeve, fat sack (and there are other tutorials from Terry listed on the site with the fat sack)

9. Stephanie (she has several tutorials on her blog) - baskets from Pink Penguin (can't make enough of these) but also on the Penguin site there are other great tutorials and stuffed trees on Stephanie's blog

10. Rachel - Crayon Roll

11. Jacquie - is working on a tree skirt - more info to follow

12. Kim - Sew Mama Sew full of tutorials and good ideas. One thing thing I made for 2007 was this zipper bag and this is the master link for 2007 ideas

13. Jane - yo yo garland (I'm definitely making this for next Christmas)

14. Julia - Sew Mama Sew 2008 master list

15. Sandi has started a new blog called Keeping Christmas for those who want to start now to keep up with Christmas all year long. Sandi also has darling ornament patterns and several tutorials on her blog.

16. Lit and Laundry - Shopping bags

17. Nedra - Kim's kalidoscope quilt

18. Robyn - Nordic Houses (other tutorials at Orange Flower)

19. Pat - purse organizer, coasters

20. CJ - Jona's aprons

21. Carolyn J - ornament

15. Andsewon - bags, appliqued dish towels

16. Joy - Toiletries bag

17. Des - great long list of stuff!

18. Rita - headbands

19. Joyce - pillow cases and canned items (I usually make salsa in the fall, too and I've given that at Christmas)

20. Jeanette - reindeer ornament

21. Mary - Appliquer's chantelaine

22. Juliacute calendar holder

23. Julia - Door Stopper

24. JanetTissue Cover

25. Bonnie (no blog) Cookie Mix In A Jar

26. Bonnie (no blog) Easy Ironing Board Cover

27. Cheryl – Mini Notebooks

28.. CherylFabric Christmas Bag

29. CherylBest Press Bottle Cover

30. CherylTissue Box Cover

31. CJPortable Checker Game Board

32. NanetteDoll House Pot Holders

33. Kimberly - Easy snap wallets

More to come as I get a chance to add them! Thanks everyone

Ok everyone - thinking caps on and hands on keyboard. Cheryl and I welcome your ideas.

Thanks! And a Very Happy New Year to us all. May it bring us Health, Wealth and Happiness (not necessarily in that order).


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