Off the Grid

As a quilter I love patchwork and squares.  When I design I use grid paper and always design with a grid in mind.  That said, I'm going OFF the grid for a couple weeks.  It is time.  At the end of the summer I always like to take some time off.  Enjoy the rest of the month.  See you in September.  Maybe by then I'll have a London 2012 flimsy finished and ready to show.


Bunting Boarder

I'm making borders for my London 2012 quilt.  Not that I'm done putting blocks together, but I felt like sewing the bunting borders, or at least starting.
I really should have gotten a lot more done than I did this weekend.  But at least I accomplished this, right?


Fabric Friday - Finishing London 2012

I've talked before about how I like Spoonflower.  Although I've yet to upload my own designs (sometime I will), I enjoy looking at the designs of other creative independent designers.  I found some really great prints that I ordered in fat quarters to mix in with my other London prints.  I'm going to work a bit on the border this weekend and I plan on using some of the prints below.
I like this sweet sketch like print that symbolizes themes from London, especially the teapots.
I have wanted to make a Buckingham guard block but have put it off.  I may just rely on these images of the guards instead.
This Spoonflower print is my favorite of the 3.  It joins the British teacup icon with the flags of countries in the Olympics.  It couldn't be more perfect for my quilt.
This is the reason I haven't had much time for sewing this week.  It is peach time.  I always want to take advantage of summer while it is in season.
A blurred picture of my fresh peach pie.  I used a recipe with peach nectar for the filling.  It was better than peach jello but not as pretty.  This pie is, of course, gone.  I need to make another for the weekend since we will have a house full.


More London Blocks

I really can't stop making blocks for my London quilt.  I keep wanting to add more and the inspiration keeps coming.  I hoped to have my London flimsy done by the time the Olympics concluded so I probably need to stop.  Soon.
This is the kettle block from my Kettles in the Kitchen quilt.  I still think I might add some gold or yellow rick rack to this block.
I subscribe to Bustle and Sew Magazine.  It is a PDF magazine from where I've gotten several ideas for this project and others.  I felt my London quilt was incomplete without a corgi and a throne.  It turned out a little "wonky" but what crown would be straight on a dog? 

I still have a couple blocks rolling around in my head.  I will put more rows together before I decide if I need something more.


PS For those of you asking if this is going to be a pattern, the answer is no.  I've used ideas from other sources and this is such a timely project that I'm not going to make a pattern.  Thanks for asking!

Quilt Inspiration Blog

Quilt Inspiration Blog has been featuring butterfly quilts.  They included my butterfly quilt in their gallery of quilts.  You can see the article here.  Thanks Quilt Inspirations.  I was really proud to be part of your butterfly coverage.  Quilt Inspiration has lists of tutorials, patterns and great ideas.
I used the tutorial from Amy's blog here.  Rita also has a new tutorial for butterflies.  It makes me want to make another quilt.
My butterfly quilt is draped over a chair in my living room.
I really enjoyed using text fabric to enhance my butterflies.
I even used butterflies in a sampler quilt.
I like having this quilt out where I can look at it.  Next time I'll try Rita's method.


Fabric Friday - Ever Kelly

I learned about Ever Kelly from Pam.  I was so excited to see Kelly's new line of fabric called Storybook Lane. It is all really sweet and imaginative.  I had a plush house like the one below for my oldest daughter years (try almost 30) ago that my mom made for me.  I've been wanting to make one for Allison.
The line includes some other fun prints including this cuckoo clock fabric.  I love this print and I've been making cuckoo clock blocks in one of my WIP projects.  
The line includes the scenes for making houses and also Kelly has the tutorial on her blog to make the little houses.  It is all so sweet.  I'm going to make Little Red Riding Hood for Christmas.

There is whimsical architectural fabric in her line as well.  I see more houses in my future.

I purchased my fabric at Fabric Worm.  I couldn't resist getting these 2 prints as well.  Now if they just could sell me time to make all these darling projects.


Another Row Added

I'm getting more Olympic watching done and less sewing.  But I'm making progress on London while watching London.  Don't get sick of this quilt yet, stick with me.
This block looks huge here but this is a close-up.  It is rather small because I wanted to fussy cut the 'telephone' from fabric to insert into my block.  I think it is cute.
I've added a bit more to my flimsy center.  I still may go out a bit on either side or one side, but it is still just a work in progress.  My gold medal, bus, teaset, and vintage queen were added in this row.  It is coming together.  A bit busy, maybe, but that is just how I work.  

My gosh.  It is August already.


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