Dear Jane . . .(please squint when you look at these blocks)


Dear Jane,

I really had no idea when I started your Dear Jane quilt, quite what I was getting myself into. I thought it would be good to endeavor in a project outside my comfort zone. Just how far out of my comfort zone I didn't know at that time. As Anina has been giving us the easiest blocks first, I still may have some shock in front of me as to the lack there of regarding my technical skills. I just can't tell you, Jane, what a humbling project this is.

And Jane, I've not felt well the past few days and I keep thinking how much time I'm wasting just laying on the couch or in bed. So today when I started to feel better you can imagine how surprised I was to find several of the unfinished blocks completed! I hate to tell you this Jane, but they look kind of sloppy and the measuring wasn't so great on a few of them. In fact when I saw them I could only think of a old movie I saw called "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly". However, I had kind of a difficult time figuring out which one was the "good".

Anyway Jane, I think the blocks kind of look like this antique doll quilt I once saw that an 8 year old girl made in the late 1800s. I feel kind of bad putting these blocks in my quilt but you know, I don't want to hurt whoever made them. I am pretty sure it was the dog, Shadow. Here he is next to the blocks.
Don't you think he looks guilty?

I know I would NEVER be guilty of such poor workmanship myself. Or at the very least ADMIT to such childish stitching. So it must be the dog. Don't you agree?

Also, Jane. I'm going to continue with the lovely quilters in the Dear Baby Jane group. But let them know that I am not going to admit to, I mean I'm not the one that produced those blocks. If they knew that they might kick me out!

Jane you wouldn't believe the nice people out there in blog land I've met along the way here. Some of them left such nice get well comments. They really cheered me up. My neighbor Laura brought me these cupcakes too.
You'd like Laura, Jane. She is a chef and baker and her treats would make anyone feel better plus she's just about the best friend and neighbor any girl could want. These are 3 different kinds of chocolate cupcakes. Cherry chocolate, toffee chocolate and chocolate cheesecake cupcakes. So yummy. I'm sorry I can't offer you one Jane. But they are long gone now!

Goodnight Jane. Its been a tough few days and I've learned not to sew, I mean let the dog sew, when I'm sick. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Di~ said...

Listen Girl: I like those blocks!
They are just fine. You do great stuff sick or not. And please don't ever show yummy cupcakes again unless you are willing to send me some!

Kim Walus said...

I agree about the cupcakes! I could sure use one about now and after this comment I must get to's past midnight and I'm so tired! We've been sick at our house too and I'm so behind on my blocks. I hope to re-focus soon and get to it!! Keep with it Nanette, you're blocks look great! Here's one of my favorite thoughts that help me: "DONE is better than perfect!" Repeat after me...Done is better than perfect!!! :)

Hope you continue to get better and I'm sorry to say that I missed quilt group too! :(

Anonymous said...

Your dog is so adorable, I want to take him home! I like your blocks, too, they are coming along quite nicely.

Purple and Paisley said...

dear shadow,

good job on mom's blocks...she may just be a bit too picky, no?

a couple of questions for you from my dogs...which paw do you wear your thimble on? and you seem uber it hard to reach mom's sewing machine pedal?

hope you got lots of treats for your hard work!


rusty and pooh

Abby and Stephanie said...

The blocks are beautiful and I can't see a thing wrong with them. We do tend to be critical of our own work. How nice of Shadow to be so helpful.

Denise (Nour) said...

Glad to see you are on the mend! Kudos for shadow!

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything wrong with your blocks. They remind me of quilts made long ago. I don't think the dog looks quilty, I think the dog looks like he is saying "I didn't do it." :)

Mary said...

The blocks looked fine to me, but let's face it ... when you distract me with pictures of cupcakes ... everything looks fine.

Julia said...

You silly girl! Those blocks are just fine. You always do wonderful work.
I hope that you get to feeling better. Those yummy looking cupcakes should have done the trick for you. :)

Darlene said...

I'm sorry I missed that you were ill - I've been distracted. :-)

Sending get well hugs - albeit a bit late. :-(

Your blocks (I mean Shadow's blocks) look great - have a cupcake - everything looks better after a cupcake or two. LOL

Joanna said...

Your blocks are good! I could never do anything like that! And your dog is so cute and so good to just sit there for the picture. My dog would have tromped all over the blocks and then jumped up to lick the camera lens.

Anina said...

Those blocks are beautiful! The dog is a wonderful quilter.
We will NEVER kick you out.

Ginger Patches said...

Those cupcakes are making my mouth water! I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well but I'm glad you're better now. I think those blocks look just fine...I wish my dog could sew and would work on some of my wip's lolol!

erica e said...

he he
I think Jane will be impressed that you were able to get so much done while sick. And I don't think she'll notice anything horribly wrong with them! They look great. I certainly can't see anything that you should be embarrassed about. Great work even while sick!

Cathi said...

Your dog is adorable! The blocks look fine -- but I agree with Mary; those cupcakes are all too distracting. LOL
Hope you continue to feel much better!

Thimbleanna said...

What a cute post! Sorry, I missed your flu, but glad you're feeling much better. Apparently the virus isn't completely gone though -- it appears to be clouding your judgement -- those blocks look great to me. And Shadow is looking a tad guilty indeed -- too cute!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful read! You are so funny! I think the blocks are beautiful! I loved reading Kim's "Done is better than perfect". I have tried to remember what I read once about NO ONE LIKES PEOPLE WHO ARE PERFECT!

Oiyi said...

I need a cupcake, too. Shadow is adorable! I wish one of my boys could sew, but they are all paws.

I hope you a speedy recovery.

Nerm said...

Poor sweet Nanette! I'm sorry you have been sick & I didn't realize. Listen, the same thing has happened to me before-in fact, your dog and mine look suspiciously alike. Notice the gleam in the eyes! Hope you are all better now, sweetie pie! Nerm

Jodi Nelson said...

Nanette, You crack me up!

Karen said...

Shoot those blocks look good to me - kind of scary also. Not sure I would tackle those blocks. I know it's good to step out of the box and challenge ourselves. But lordy those blocks keep looking harder and harder - scary for me, LOL. But bring on the cupcakes - those I can handle, LOL.

Glad your feeling better - Karen

Jeanne said...

Who can focus on the blocks with those delicious cupcakes staring at me? *s* I think they look great and Shadow is doing a fine job. Hope you're feeling better.

Kim said...

showdow's blocks look as good as the cupcakes :)
Glad you're feeling better

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