Braided Coaster Trivet

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Those of you that really know me, know I am very forgetful. I get going in one direction and then get carried away and leave what I was doing behind. I call it advanced adult onset quilt ADD. I think they should do a case study at a quilt retreat because I know I'm not the only one. I did get caught up on my google reader last week but sadly my email is bulging. If you asked me a question and I didn't answer, please email me again. Sorry about that.
The very sweet Karen sent me pictures of her dress quilt that she is making and I was going to post the incredible pictures a couple weeks ago. And then I didn't flag the email and I forgot about it. Typical me. Karen designed the lay out of the dresses and block corners in a color wave. I absolutely love it.
Look at the flair this black and white dress has. It is super cute. Karen has done such a wonderful job. Thanks for the photos Karen. The quilt is looking fabulous.
Since getting my latest 2 Japanese quilt books I've been enjoying looking at all the pretty photos and fun projects represented in the pages and dreaming of making every single thing.
This braided hot pad is so inviting. And looks so easy and fun to make. Do I have time to squeeze in a new project? Probably not. Oh well.
Of course I can't read the instructions in the book but the diagram is pretty clear. So I cut 1" strips of fabric and folded them in half. I think the instructions call for folding in the rough edges but I wanted to make it quick and raw first to see how it would work out.
The pattern really calls for making the braid with short strips of fabric in patchwork style. So I might try that for my next one. First I used yellow green and red to start. Then I sewed on different colors to enlarge the circle. Now I'll stitch them together and see how I like it. The green, red and yellow kind of look too muddled but it is ok for a first attempt.
However, I'm still tied to my machine. "V" asked what machine I quilt and sew with. I have several machines but this is the one above I use the most. I think it is about 19 years old. The last of the metal Berninas pretty much. And that handy little light my sister bought me in St. George is perfect, especially for machine quilting. I have a floor light that is pointed above my machine but doesn't give me the spot control needed and can create shadows. This little light with the movable neck gives me the control my 52 year old eyes really need.
I am really excited to see Lori Holt tonight and hear her speak to our Alpine Quilt Group. I'm finally going to meet Lori! Yipee. I promise to take lots of pictures that I'll post probably Thursday. If you haven't gone to Lori's blog to see her work, do so today! And Lori is having a giveaway this week. I am weak in the knees about it. I have mixed feelings about telling you to enter. Cuz I want to win!

I also have to tell you about 2 of my blog friends and real life friends Kim and Nedra having giveaways on their blogs, too. Kim is on Moda Bakeshop this week and Nedra is showcasing a bag made from my pattern. Go check out my friends and then come back here later in the week to see Lori's quilts.


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