New LQS in American Fork, Utah

Yesterday I had just a few minutes to dash into a new quilt shop in my area.  
It is called The Quiltmakers Shop.  I love when quilt stores are in vintage homes.  It makes such a comfortable place to shop.  
The store is managed by my good friend Suzanne.  I met Suzanne nearly 20 years ago.  And I've taken classes from her.  She's an amazing quilter and a rock of a person. Wouldn't you know, the day I visited the shop is Suzanne's day off.
I'm always drawn into Texas Star quilts.  I've only made one and it was a trick.  The outcome is always worth it.  This one in red white and blue is a beauty.  And it looks like they are going to be teaching this at the store. 
The girls at the shop said their stock is growing.  I can't imagine how hard it would be to start up a quilt shop and acquire deep stock.  It takes time but this shop is headed in a great place.
Really love the notions display.  Colorful and cute.

If you are in the area, head to The Quiltmakers Shop at 285 East Main in American Fork. If Suzanne is there, tell her I sent you.


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http://thankfullga447 said...

What a great quilt shop, yes I love quilt store when they are in an old house. I wish them great success.

donna said...

That shop looks so cute. I agree with you I love it when shops are in vintage homes. There is one about 45 minutes from me.

Lynn said...

We've just had a new quilt shop reopen in an old house here in town (5 minutes from my house - good on gas and time, bad on wallet). The quilt shop that was there for years and years closed when the owner retired and just a few months ago a new shop moved in. I was just saying today how a good quilt shop is important, mainly for a sense of quilty community.
I love those spools of giant ric-rac!

Thimbleanna said...

Hmmmm. I was thinking how sad I was to have missed this shop, but it looks familiar. From a visit several years ago. Could it be under new management? Although, I seem to remember the shop that I'm thinking about as being farther south than American Fork? Dang it -- my memory is awful! Anyway, it looks like a super cute shop!

Wendi said...

I'm going to have to stop by here, thanks for the heads up!