Quilty Fun Blog Tour: Pretty By Hand

It is week 5 in the Quilty Fun Blog Tour.  This week it is Flying Geese.  I really like Lori's method of flying geese.
Pretty by Hand is hosting the flying geese this week.  If you've never visited her blog.  Please do so.  You will be overwhelmed by the talent and projects shown there.  She's amazing.  
I swiped this photo from her blog but you've gotta go over and see her work.  If you're participating in the blog tour, you will want to make the next step.  The flying geese are crisp and lovely.  Really they look like you could frame them.

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Jan Baker said...

I checked out her tutorial and can't wait to try it but she didn't mention what size the large and small block start as. Do you know?

Unknown said...

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jennifer said...

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