Berry Fun Row by Row Quilt

Friday, March 09, 2012

Oh my heavens. I'm finally finished with my Berry Fun Row by Row Quilt. Finished people! Finished. It has been a fun process interrupted by lots of life. But I'm very proud of how pretty the finished product became.
I loved using Pam's fabric. Pam is such a great friend. Our styles are twinsies and I was so excited to create a project around her happy fabric.
There are 8 blocks in the quilt and I really loved making each block. I think when working with fabric that makes you happy, the finished product speaks enjoyment.I proofed my blocks with this other line of fabric to make a wall hanging version. And I enjoyed making the blocks all over again.
The quilt measures 79" x 89", so it can fit on a bed. The pattern can be adapted to any size by creating more or less blocks. The pattern is available in my little etsy shop.

Thanks for indulging my little quilt pattern reveal.


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