Freda's Beehive Quilt Block Tutorial

Monday, April 23, 2012

I've been wanting to post this tutorial for YEARS now. The quilt is called Freda's Beehive. Several years ago I had a dream about making this quilt. I woke up in the middle of night, got out of bed and sketched this quilt block. I am a simple quilter at heart and I love squares and patchwork so a patchwork beehive seemed perfect.
I made this quilt once for myself and then 3 more times for trades and a sale. I've had requests for the pattern over the years and I've always intended to put the pattern together. But since I have so many supportive readers of my blog, I thought it would be good to offer the quilt idea/block as a tutorial.

Freda's Beehive Quilt Block Tutorial:
All seams are .25" and press as you go. Read all instructions before cutting fabric. Following the block tutorial is a very simplified instruction for putting the quilt together.
This is the basic beehive block. I'll go through the steps for making the block.
*Cutting for one primary block:
8) brown print/tan 2.5" squares
1) black dot or tiny gingham 2.5" square
2) brown 1.25" squares
2) white 2.5" squares
4) 2.5" x 6.5" inner sashing strips bee print or yellow dot fabric
4) 2.5" inner corner squares bee print or flower/fruit print fabric
4) 3.5" x 10.5" outer sashing yellow stripe or gingham fabric
4) 3.5" outer squares dot fabric

*This block is made with primary and secondary blocks. The secondary blocks need everything except only need 2) 3.5" x 10.5" outer sashing strips and do not need 3.5" outer squares dot fabric. This is the same for the secondary row blocks.
Match up both 2.5" white squares with two 2.5" squares from brown print. Stitch corner to corner diagonally. Trim seam allowance to .25". Open to make half square triangle block.
Place the 1.25" squares on either corner of the black gingham/dot fabric. Stitch diagonally in the corners, trim seam and open.
Make 3 rows with 3 squares in each row as above. Join rows together to form beehive.
Stitch 2 inner corner squares to either end of 2 inner sashing strips. Stitch sashing strips to either side of the beehive and then stitch the joined corner sashing strips to bottom/top of beehive block.
Repeat for outer sashing.
This would be a finished primary beehive block.
Create rows of beehives by starting with a primary block and then adding a secondary block. The secondary blocks have the outer sashing just on the top/bottom of the block. The next block in the row would be another primary block.
Alternate primary and secondary blocks to create as long a row needed.
There are also primary and secondary rows as well. Secondary row sashing will be a 3.5" x 10.5" strip in between each block (and at the beginning of the secondary row) with no outer corner squares.
This is just a very easy quilt to make. I've made a few minor adjustments since making my first version of the quilt. It would be a good exchange block or quilting bee block that any level of quilter could easily put together.

I'm super busy this week so I won't post again until next week. If you have any questions or corrections, just email me. Thanks. Have a great week.


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