Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I hope you are having a fun and safe Halloween.  I think of some the children on the east coast that won't get to celebrate Halloween this year and my heart goes out to those families.  
Halloween holds great memories for me as a child.  We would go out trick-or-treating 2 nights.  Everyone did that where I grew up in Pennsylvania.  Halloween was a big deal.
I'm blessed to have my daughter Whitney and her 2 girls living with us.  We are happy to have them and it is especially fun on a day like Halloween.  They are doing well.  Both of the girls are growing and happy. We take them for a well child check-up tomorrow with their new pediatrician.
Shelbie knitted this cute red riding hood cape.  I got this skirt for Allison. If you notice it is out of red riding hood fabric along with the red dot skirt bottom. I love it.  And she can wear it after Halloween.  Allison doesn't really like keeping the hood over her head so this is the only picture we got with her in full red riding hood costume.
Eliza is super Lizzy for Halloween.  Whitney made her a tiny cape and added the L to this flannel. The occupational and physical therapists come to our house and say she's doing so well.  Look at that smile.  Lizzy is 8 months old now.  Sunday she fed herself goldfish crackers.
This was taken in our front yard but I love how Allison looks like she's in the forest headed to Nanny's house.
The leaves make a great setting for little red and Allison makes a perfect little red girl.  We are really lucky to have great weather today.  I think it was 73 for the high.

Trunk-or-treating at the church tonight for the girls.  Happy Birthday to Shelbie.  I had a baby on Halloween 29 years ago.


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