London 2012 - a Finish

Monday, October 29, 2012

I was pretty excited to finish my London 2012 quilt but even more excited when my fabulous machine quilter, Wren Woodland (Sew Small Sitches, contact info at the end of the page), called to tell me my London quilt was ready to pick-up.  Wren did an amazing job.  I can't say enough about how her beautiful quilting enhanced my quilt top.  Her custom artistic long arm skills brought out all aspects of the quilt blocks, to my delight.
I finished hand stitching the binding this weekend.  And all the time while binding, I kept admiring the beautiful stitching.  I love the flowers in the border.  They are upside down in the photo above, but still beautiful.
I really love this quilt.  It is now my favorite, ever.  I'm going to wait until after the holidays to hang it up in my entryway but I simply had to do some on-the-fly photography to show you right now.
I plan on putting a label on this quilt asap so it always tells the story of the summer of 2012 and the happenings in the UK.  I felt so connected to the country of my ancestors through this project.
The vintage fabric from the Queen's coronation was the inspiration for the project.  Look at the movement of the quilting around her.
I hope you can see the pebble quilting (which I love) around the teaset above.  It really makes the objects pop.
I love the attention to detail.  It really makes my quilt an object of art.
This crown is one of my favorite blocks.   Very regal.  The egg cups above is another favorite block.
This Olympic fabric was purchased from Spoonflower.  I had such a fun time searching for and picking out fabric to suit the events. 
You have to use your imagination to see that this is the London Eye.    I pops, too.
I think this block is the most fun.  I belong to Helen's e-zine club at Bustle and Sew.  This corgi is her block pattern.
The stitching detail on the houses is really amazing.  Pebble quilting in the background and then stitching to create the illusion of architectural details.
Every brick is stitched around.  Every single brick.  Truly astounding and time consuming.
It was bath time at my house when I was taking photos.  You can see Allison's wet shiny feet dancing on the quilt.  They were clean, after all.  Why not let her dance on Big Ben and a Double-Decker bus.
My apologies for the photography, but I hope you can appreciate London 2012 somewhat from this vantage point.  I'm tickled with it!


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