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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I know it doesn't always appear that way, but at my heart, I'm truly a finisher.  Those UFO projects under my cutting table weigh heavily on my shoulders.  I like to get things done and move on.  I started my Red Herring-bone project last year and I was happy to bring it out and make friends with it again.
I'm not quite sure what size it will end up.  Lately all my quilts are queen or king bed size and that is fine with me.  We will see.  I have lots and lots of red I can donate to this little project.
If you want to know how I'm making it, you can review at my original post here called Seeing Red.  It is a simple way to trend the herringbone pattern with scraps.  Quilts like this are my favorites.  Sew and sew and not worry about points since it is mostly just easy seams.
I'm slightly horrified to show you my Row by Row flimsy from Lori's pattern.  It turned out to be one wrinkly unflat quilt top.  I'm praying that Wendy can make something of it.  If she pulls super tight, there is a chance.  

I'm really an idiot.  Instead of metering out my machine quilting projects, I've muddled about backs for them so when I finally decided and then waited for the fabric, it ended up that I have 5 very full sized quilts to take to the machine quilter.  It isn't going to be pretty when she tells me how much.  But won't it be worth it!?

Tired.  Goodnight


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