Seeing Red

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

As if I don't have enough to do, I started a scrap quilt.  Idiot.  I know.  But while I was waiting for quilts to be quilted I just couldn't stop myself.  Those red scraps and fatquarters have been tempting me for ages now.
I've been following the herringbone trend in clothes.  I guess herringbone is a follow-up to chevron, some would say.  Or maybe the same thing.  I've been looking at tutorials for herringbone quilts and decided I'd take ideas from 2 tutorials I really liked.  I armed myself with some pretzel sticks and cut strips in widths from 1.25" to 2.5".  Then I cut the strips into 11" lengths.  You can look at the two tutorials I blended from Rachel at Stitched in Color, and the other from Jess at SewCraftyJess.  
I opted to sew my strips in duos and then setting each pair back 1.5" from the edge of the previously sewn rows.  See above.  But remember, you have to make 2 sides going from left to right and the other from right to left.  Read the tutorials, they say it best.
I also opted not cut the ends off my strips at an angle like Rachel.  And I cut my strips in different widths  like Jess.  It took about 18 (give or take) strips to clear the ends of my 6"x24" ruler.  Then I made sure the ruler was set at the correct angle. Triming was very fun.
This is what the right and left side of the herringbone pattern look when set together. I will make 3 rows down and I'm not sure how many wide.  I like the fact that the different widths of the strips add to the scrappy look.  I pretty much stayed with a red and white theme.  Controlling the color helped control the chaos of widths and angles.

I started this quilt because I realized I have so many quilts that I don't put on beds because they are made from my original designs or special patterns.  I'm going to make this quilt in a large queen or king size and then use it on a bed in my home.  This quilt makes me feel like I'm getting back to my scrap roots.  I like that.

Meanwhile, this will sit in my sewing room and it will call to me while I make binding and bind 3 other quilts.  Busy busy.  My fingertips are not going to be pretty come Christmas Day.


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