Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I wanted to say hi and Merry Christmas to all my friends that read my blog.  Blogging is good for me and having readers motivates my creativity.  I hope you are all having a nice and safe holiday.
Life is not always a Christmas Tree full of roses but I do wish that all for you.  I hope you are with loved ones and having a nice several days now that most of the preparations for the holidays are over.
I finished binding 2 quilts out of three that I picked up from the quilter last week.  And with wounded fingers I thought I would take a few days break.  I'm super happy to have my Vintage Christmas quilt done.  I really loved making this and it turned out super, I think.
Eagle Mountain Quilting did the machine quilting.  I had all over snowflakes quilted and it made for a nice overall design.
I think the sashing contributes to the snowy look. I love stripes in sashing.
You can see the snowflakes in the quilting best in this picture I think.  I love houndstooth fabric.  I will really hate to fold this quilt and put it away until next year.

Happy Holidays 


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