It's Christmas?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I don't know about you, but with one thing and another, this time of year can put us completely on overload. I DVR'd Kelly and Michael Live and heard Kelly say she does her shopping in October.  Bravo Kelly.  But I've never been able to accomplish that.  I hit the off button.  One does not like hearing of others successes in the middle of a muddle. 
This terribly shot photo was taken just as I whisked away my stack of 3 finished quilt tops and backs to take to the machine quilter.  After meeting with her early this morning, I don't feel so bad for myself.  That is a woman with her hands full.  Literally. 
Oh my gosh, another bad photo.  Sorry.  Just a last peek at Pam Kitty Love "I Heart Buttons and Bows" before machine quilting.  I hate to part with it even for a week.   It is way cuter than this photo.
This is a recycled photo of my Christmas Tree banner taken years ago.  This is just to let you know it is not hung but it will be.  Soon.
If it wasn't for the help I get from my family, I wouldn't have my tree decorated, Christmas treasures out, and my kitschy wreath hung.  I love this wreath.  The cheap trinkets represent the joy of simple Christmas past.  And Oh!  Whitney cleaned my ovens in prep for holiday baking. That is a Christmas present for real.

I'll have my Christmas life together this weekend.  I have to.


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