Scrap Happy Summer 2013 - String Spool Quilt

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My friend Emily from Em's Scrapbag asked me if I wanted to participate in her Scrap Happy Summer 2013.  Of course I said yes.  I adore scrap quilts and they are the heart of my love of quilting.  She asked me to present my FAVORITE scrap quilt.  My favorite?  How can I choose a favorite?  That is like asking me which of my 8 children I like the best.  Impossible.  I took a really long long time to decide.  But I ended up choosing a quilt for lots of reasons, which I will tell you, if you care to read....

The quilt above is a quilt I dreamed about, literally, more than 10 years ago.  There are lots of spool quilt patterns out right now but I had only vaguely seen one spool quilt similar to it in my past.  The quilt is obviously so full of many fabric patterns and colors from my scrap bin so I think it fits the category of scrappy.

I was pretty excited to make this quilt so I even put a tutorial on my blog that you can still find  HERE.   At the time I made this quilt I was keeping smaller pieces of fabric than I save now.  And the small strips fit for the look I was going for of a variegated thread look.
Emily asked me to answer some questions about my scrap quilts and I'm happy to give you my ideas.  I usually only save scraps that are 2.5" square or larger.  I just can't manage my scrap stash if I keep pieces smaller than that.  However, for some projects like this one, I make an exception.
I really prefer to make larger projects when working with scraps because I don't feel like I make a dent if I don't go large.  And when I'm working with scraps, I always feel more is best.
I purchased a clean new trash bin with a lid and I keep a trash bag inside to house the scraps.  I house the scrap bin under my cutting table so I can easily drop pieces of fabric into it while cutting a project. 
This is an old picture from years ago but you get the idea.  I keep my scraps inside and then when the bag is full I can pull the bag out and go through scraps and use them.  Sometimes I give the scraps to my niece Tricia.  It is nice to give them to someone that appreciates them.
This block really was fun to make because each of the blocks felt like little tiny quilts.
My quilter, Wren Woodland, quilted a back and forth thread design to enhance the project.  I chose the olive color for the spools because I remember my mother had some vintage wooden thread spools that were just this color.
I really like this pieced piano border.  It is one of the few times I've mitered my edge.  I'm quite proud of that.
I'm also proud that my string spool quilt was published in a magazine called Quilt & Zo (sew).  It is a magazine from the Netherlands.
It is always very flattering to have a quilt published.  I really like how they presented the article, too.  It is a great magazine.
I really love scrap quilts.  I'm sure you can tell.  The patches of fabric kept me company in my childhood bed and that was the beginning of my love of fabric.

Emily asked me to make a general scrap suggestion. My suggestion would be to limit your scrap heap because they can take over your sewing area and make it cluttered and messy.  Scraps by nature are messy so keeping them contained and limited is a good idea.  I know it is hard to part with fabric at today's prices but if they overwhelm you it becomes a battle of guilt.  Choose a scrap size you will keep and part with the rest.  Then do it with no guilt.

Here is the blog schedule for Scrap Happy Summer 2013.  Go visit Emily's blog for info and to see about my ideas there, too. Follow along with us:


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