This is the Story about a Boy named Mason and his Quilt

Monday, July 08, 2013

Most of my regular readers know I am the mom of 7 daughters and 1 son.  My son Mason is the youngest.  Crazy, right?  I know.  What was I thinking?
Mason is really kookie, self confident, witty, cute, smart, quick, and generally a great kid.  Don't tell him I said that.  His head is big enough.  Mason has always been so gregarious.  Even as a little kid we would walk through the grocery store and he'd know people I didn't know.  They would say: "Hi Mason" and I would ask "Mason, who was that?"  Here is Mason posing (reluctantly) above with his high school graduation quilt hung over his shoulder in typical Mason "swag (er)".  I really can't believe I got my last child through public school!
When I thought about making Mason a quilt my daughter Laurie gave me lots of ideas.  She told me not to make it like a regular quilt but make it full of crazy personality like Mason.  So I used Lori Holt's rulers to make a personality lantern quilt.  Many of the fabrics used are connected with some odd or silly thing he has done or something about him.  Above the CTR fabric is for "Choose the Right". Mason is preparing to serve an LDS mission and tries to live the standards of our church.  There is Mason jar fabric, video game fabric and you will notice the doll fabric.  Mason has played many pranks with dolls (I mean he has 7 sisters).  One was an homage to an SNL skit with cut off doll arms sticking out of the sleeves of his sweatshirt to look like he had doll hands.  Oh Mason. And he took the doll hands to scout camp.

Screenshot from a crazy mason vine where he shows off his (lack of) basketball skills.  (He is wearing a thrifted weird shirt.  Never afraid of going to Deseret Industries with his friends to pick out odd outfits, I will say he didn't require a pricey wardrobe.  
Photo bombing his sister Chelsey.
Showing off his crazy, crazy, crazy thrift shop clothes for a school occasion to my granddaughter Allison.  (He doesn't even wear glasses.  Shaking my head.)  The shirt is silver lame' I think.  
He's a very good uncle.
He played Santa for Allison at Christmas.
Backpeddaling on a kids bike for a "seen at Walmart" pic, taken at midnight, of course.
Oh he thinks he's the lady's man.  This photo was from prom.  He went to nearly every single school dance at his school since he was 16.  And all the girl's choice dances were with different girls.  What do they see in him????? Humor is cute. I will say this is where he cost me bucks.  Those dances are expensive and what is with the date at the game the night before, "day date" and then the actual date?  We never did that.
Graduation from Lone Peak High School at the end of May 2013.  He's pretty proud of himself but you can see he still has braces.  I think it kept him from kissing girls his junior and senior year.
Here he is showing off his graduation quilt.  I think he's happy with it.  Not all the fabrics tell a story but most of them do.  I even cut up some of his thrifted clothes and made blocks out of them. I know this quilt will help Mason remember his happy high school years.  


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