it was the bees


I wanted a soft and snuggly gift for my boyfriend. I got him a cd player for his truck, but that isn't much fun to open on Christmas morning. So I whipped this together with my mom's help on Christmas Eve. I think it turned out darling and he really loves it. Elephants are his favorite animal and he named it Horrace Greeley. I got the pattern from this book , but the directions were a little incomplete and no pictures. So it took us a while to figure out. Now that I made one it will be really simple and quick to make another. Thanks to Shelbie for taking the picture! - natalie
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nanette said...

So what does "it was the bees" mean? Cute fabric.

michelle said...

Natalie the elephant is so cute and I am sure Justin loved it especially since you made it.

Shelbie said...

so cute, Natalie. I want that pattern, or I want you to make me an elephant too.