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Monday, January 07, 2008

Valentine Quilt Banner

Red print: 40
Light print: 60
Half light/half red: 20

Assortment of red scraps, or assorted fat eighths
Assortment of light scraps, or assorted fat eighths
¼ yard red print for inner border
1/2 yard valentine print for outer border
Back fabric 1 1/8 yard
Binding ½ yard

Valentine Cutting:
Gather red and light fabrics and cut into 2 ½” squares and 2 7/8” squares. You may want to cut more than actually needed to produce a good amount of fabric variety in your quilt as your taste and fabric scraps allow. This way you have a nice assortment as you lay out your rows before construction. Cut the 2 7/8” squares diagonally to form triangles. Quantities of squares needed listed by the valentine diagram.

Alternatively you could strip piece parts of this quilt. Refer to strip piecing methods found in instructional quilt books for this.

The border is cut selvage-to-selvage. If you have a one-way design, please cut the top and bottom borders before cutting the side borders. Sizes below are approximate.

Inner border cut 2 ½” wide:
2 @ 30 ½” sides
2 @ 20 ½” bottom/top

Outer border 4” wide:
2 @ 34 ½” sides
2 @ 27 ½” bottom/top

Construction: All seams are ¼”

Join the red and light triangles to create 20 triangle half/half blocks. Press seams to darker side.

Next lay squares out on the floor or design board to get a good mix of prints. Refer to diagram lay out. There are 8 blocks horizontally and 15 blocks vertically.

Connect squares working left to right sewing each
square together making a chain of squares. Press seams in all one direction. Repeat for all rows and join as you go pressing all seams opposite direction of the row before it and sandwich together when you join rows and match seams. Press.

Next pin and sew the inner border, sides first and then top and bottom strips. Repeat for outer border. Make a finish press.

This is a small and easy project to try machine quilting. You could stitch in the ditch with a walking foot for hearts and stipple (with darning foot and feed dogs down) the light area and borders. Trim, add fabric sleeve and bind.

© Nanette Merrill

Alternatively you could make (by modifying directions) a 4 heart banner.

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