Sewing Room bulletin board

Santa sent me a bulletin board from the container store for my new sewing room. I covered it in a piece from a vintage table cloth (I used duct tape to attach it because I might want to change the fabric on the board sometimes, but it didn't stick very well, so I'm still working on that).
I have some covered button thumb tacks and vintage story book magnets to hold things on the bulletin board. The board is really great. It is both magnetic and perforated for thumb tacks and magnets and things hold well with the fabric around the board.
I love vintage cards so I tacked some vintage valentine images up on the board for a happy decoration. - nanette
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LizzyHouse said...

you guys are SOO good! I am always impressed!!!

on a side note: it's 11 degrees here with 25 billion feet of snow.

love Lizzy!

Di~ said...

Neat idea - covering the board. Where is the container store?
I love covered buttons a lot also.
I haven't made any for a long time.
~D Spack~

jen said...

the board is darling. love the vintage valentines, too. your projects are always amazing.

Rachel said...

So kitschy and fun! That vintage tablecloth is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures & review.....

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