Red Riding Hood - Part 1


It is probably written in some book of fashion advice somewhere to never allow a Halloween costume work its way into your regular wardrobe. This cape, however, deserves to be worn more than once a year.

I decided to make this cape for 2 reasons, to help fill the need of a Halloween costume, and because after seeing how Whitney's cape turned out, I wanted a warm, snuggly cape of my own. I found amazing Llama yarn at a local yarn store (The Unraveled Sheep, which is the best yarn store in the Salt Lake area)-

I used patterns from the book Wrap Style, to help me make make the shape of the basic cape. Using basic measurements from a hoodie in my closet, I picked up stitches on the top of the cape to form the hood. I finished it off with a seed stitch around the edges to add a decorative touch.

It turned out soft and snuggly, perfect for warm winter wear! I dare anyone to make fun of me for wearing part of my Halloween costume (which it really was) well into the spring.-

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