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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One set of blocks closer to finishing our exchange. Rachel's blocks arrived yesterday. Yayyy.

Rachel's blog is PS I Quilt and it is one of my regular reads. She is very talented and her blocks show it. Again, I love the personality everyone puts into the blocks. I think the cottage on top was my favorite of hers. I really liked the fabric. Thanks Rachel.

I won 2nd place in the Sarah Smith company's prize drawing at the end of the summer. I'm such a fan of Sarah Smith products. They are so high quality and use darling designs. They sent me a huge red and white beach towel with matching hand towel. And a kitchen towel. I love the red and the towels are so thick and lush. The kitchen towel so thirsty and space age feeling.

They also sent me this really big sturdy beach quilt/blanket. The fabric is sort of like a twill and with the also sturdy batting it makes a perfect beach/picnic/camping quilt. Bed quilts are soft and fluffy and this one is well suited to laying out on the grass for lounging outside. The pattern is fun and summery. I can think of lots of uses for it. Thanks Sarah Smith People!

I was looking through my stash for red fabrics for my strawberry quilt (AKA Jacquie's quilt). And I found a long forgotten strawberry fabric with blue in the background. I wanted to pull the blue out of the table cloth blocks somehow so it will work for a cute borderI. I'm thinking of appliqueing strawberries floating here and there in the light areas of the courthouse steps (yeah I know I said courtyard steps yesterday, oops but I think I like courtyard steps better anyway). This is a really fun project and will be a great quilt to display in the summer next year.

Alright for those of you just interested in fabric and quilts you can hop to another blog while I talk about the new kittens that showed up on our doorstep, literally. I woke up Sunday morning to a screaming sort of sound outside the front door. I went downstairs and opened the front door and there were 2 kittens about 8 weeks old looking up at me making such a racket. We live at the end of a cul-de-sak on the horsey side of town and it has not been unusual for people to drop off unwanted pets or even have mother cats deposit kittens at our house. We must have some mark that animals or people use to signify - "this house has kids - will feed any pet - drop off here".

So here is the female cat in Jamie's Phillie's hat (hey we are only 1 or even 1/2 game away from winning the series!!! Cross your fingers.). This tortoiseshell kitten is very cuddly and friendly. Our dog even likes her. She would make a great pet for someone! Anyone??? Please.

Mason made a bed for them or a "fort" as he called it on our front porch with old quilts and what not. This orange kitty is probably a male and not at all friendly. This is as close as we dare get before he jets off. Mason tried to catch him yesterday and it didn't end well. So this one mayb e a challenge pet but with the right person and coaxing - who knows?

We have outside already cats - and plenty of them. Cats lived on our lot before we built our home so over time we've had many strays and we try to take them to be neutered. But seriously as darling as they are, and as soft and cuddly as they are now. They will be big soon. So if you know of a good home and are local - we have kittens to giveaway! Maybe I should have a blog giveaway and have the kittens be the prize! There's an idea for no one to leave a comment. ha Or I could give a quilt away and wrap the kitten inside it. I'm very afraid my younger kids are getting attached. Oh boy. So I've got to do something soon. Help.
Tomorrow - pictures and report on our local quilt group show-and-tell along with Lila Tueller as our guest speaker! Stay tuned. And only 3 days away from Halloween.

- nanette

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