"Moving In" to fall

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Over the weekend I did finish something. My fall cottages were sewn together and I started machine quilting last week and then had time to finish over the weekend and it is bound! (no label though) So I immediately hung the cottages up in my sewing room to enjoy through Halloween and maybe even into November, what the heck, why not.

It was lots of fun and I just dipped into my stash with fall colors and designs. I love the quilts I don't have to buy anything new for.
There is a ton of machine quilting in this little project. I wanted each house different. The one above has a tile roof.
Each one has different quilting lines in the windows, doors and roof. It was fun to quilt even if I now have to take my machine in for service! (I'm on the back up machine currently)
I quilted around the little people and things in the windows, too. It makes me very happy to look at it on my wall. It is preparing me for things to come as the Christmas Cottage blocks start to arrive.
And speaking of - I have 4 sets so far. We have such fabulous people participating in our exchange. Above are the blocks for Tricia, Flora, Jane and Elaine. (thanks girls) It gives me so much pleasure to look at the completed blocks and I look forward to the arrival of the rest. I've made so many contacts and friends with this exchange. The women particpating are all just so fabulous. I'm sure Terri will agree with me that this has been a wonderful exachange to be involved in. We've just got the greatest assortment of blocks.
And here are the latest! This is Terri's newest master piece. It just warms my heart. I couldn't be more proud of the cottage blocks! Thank you everyone.

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