Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I want to show you my progress on Farmer's Wife. I think what I like most is the creativity I can put into my blocks by matching fabrics together and putting them in the block structure. It really is fun. I get quilter's ADD if I have to make the same block over and over. You know what I mean. I also have to thank the girls I met with last week on our sew day and Lori in particular for her tutorials. If you want to start this project you have to go to Lori's blog and use her tips to make the Farmer's Wife blocks. She really has the best way to put this project together.
#95 Temperance Tree - There are 2 blocks that look almost the same. And silly me, I think this is the right block. I used Lori's block method to guide my own. This was fun and most of my points are there.
Yes I went for the easy blocks first. (lazy me) This one was great to make - #84 Spool.
This was my first block I made - #56 Maple Leaf. Again, I used Lori's idea to make it scrappy. I love the fabrics in the block.
This is a block I made at home, on my own, I might say! It is - #2 Autumn Tints. I fussy cut some of my vintage fabric to star in this block.
#3 Basket - Well you can see the handle isn't on right. And I made the top part wrong twice. I ran out of fabric so I made it scrappy. I should take the handle off. But I probably won't.
Block #4 Basket Weave - I made this at home, too. And I managed to make it 100% right.
My block is tipped so it doesn't really look like the book block but It is correct, except for the seams being a big off - #6 Big Dipper.
Block #1 Attic Windows - and yes this one is not correct. My blue parts kind of blend into the center square and they are pointed backwards or upside down or something. But seriously, no one should really notice. And I'm not out for perfect. I'm out for enjoying the process and being happy with my finished product.
Block #16 Calico Puzzle - I made this at our sew day. It turned out okay.
Block #54 Kitchen Woodbox - now this one is not correct. I did not put the end corners and left it really square. When I made the block at the sew day at RaeAnn's we thought it looked cute just as is, so I skipped the last step. I like a touch of black in a quilt. That center fussy cut makes it kind of look hex signy.
Block #81 Snowball - turned out cute I think. Again, fussy cutting is the heart of this block. I like that.
Block #12 Broken Sugar Bowl - the first block I made and I forgot that the blocks will be set on point so my corner fussy cut pieces are turned wrong. It doesn't bother me too much. And otherwise the block is perfect. Maybe I should pick those 2 squares out? Nahh
Block #10 Bowtie - super easy and showcases the beautiful fabrics. Such fun to make a block like this.

I'm on my way here people. I am enjoying this project after all. I have other things on my sewing table and other obligations coming up so I'll work on this when I can and keep showing progress. I'm motivated now but when the hard blocks come on, it may get tough.


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