Geese and Cups

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Lori from Bee in My Bonnet has put her latest block  instructions up and I was anxiously waiting for them.  Last week I made the flying geese and then last night I completed the cups.  I'm on track.
This photo is really hard to see but I edited from my iphone so it looks far away.  You can see my mix of colors, anyway.
Lori's method for flying geese was something new to me and the best method I've ever tried.  I didn't cut off one single point.
I really loved making the cups in the newest block.  They were super fun and super fast using Lori's instructions.
If you aren't making this quilt, then you are really missing out on an amazing, free project that teaches wonderful methods.  And it is a fantastic stash buster.  I should probably make 10!
I've loved how easy this project is to sandwich in between other things I'm working on.  The blocks sew up in a jiffy.


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