Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Update from photo on Halloween Day.
This is a photo of Lizzy on a blanket her mother had made for her.  Whitney purchased this really nice quality Moda houndstooth flannel from one of the Cotton Way lines.  She cut it to size, prewashed it, and then put the wrong sides together, zigzagged around the edges and then straight stitched about 4-5 lines diagonally across the fabric to keep it stable during use and so the 2 sides don't pull apart.
Whitney machine appliqued an L for super Lizzy on the blanket.  I just couldn't leave it alone with a rough edge so I chose a red dot for the binding and bound the blanket over the weekend.  I has really turned out to be an eye catcher and perfectly functional.  Like I said, the 2 sides of the blanket don't pull apart.  The fabric isn't pilling and it is warm and snugly for Lizzy.  I really like Whitney's idea of straight stitching through the 2 pieces to stabilize the blanket.  I want one for me!
We love the Philadelphia Eagles at my house.  And I mean love.  It has been a tough few seasons lately and Monday night's game seemed especially brutal.  We were especially pumped for a come-back.   We've had some very tough losses.  However, Allison doesn't seem to mind. She gets right into the spirit of game day with her jersey.  My daughter Jamie has taught her the Eagles fight song and Allison is heard to say "Go Eagles" at any point in any given day without prompting her.  We are able to smile through the worst loses when Allison is around to entertain.


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