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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Belonging to a blogging community for creative women is very enlightening. I have enjoyed learning from all of you very much. Thanks to all your comments. They are inspiring, comforting, entertaining and thoughtful. I appreciate all the suggestions for my dear birdies quilt and I think I've found a direction to move into.
This is a gift of cowboy fabric for my cowboy stash Diane sent me. Isn't that great? A gift just because. Thanks Diane.
Beata in Canada makes the most amazing things. I ordered these from her Etsy shop (they are all gone!) and they came today. She sent me a cute little key chain with a babushka on it, too. The workmanship on these dolls is incredible. The wool is so soft and the stitching so perfect. What a great job Beata, thanks! I wish I could have one in every color.
I made a little order at Etsy for this vinyl coated babushka fabric (don't ask me what I'm going to do with it, I don't know yet!) and look at the cute little gift alittlegoodness sent along with my purchase. Etsy sellers are so great. Whenever I have a gift to get I look at Etsy first to support women making things at home. I find the best gifts at Etsy.
Last night I finally used my new hole punch from Martha to make holes in my button cards and then crocheted (did I spell that right?) around the edge in red. I got the idea from Anna and I think she got it from Pam. I will definitely do this again and again and I look forward to playing with cards and crocheting around all kinds of things. Anna has some instructions for the crochet as well. (I admit to being rusty at crochet, I had the card turned backwards so the stitching front is in the back, oh well).

This month is a tutorial contest at Sew Mama Sew and I'm seeing some fabulous tutorials being shared. I love learning new things and its great to find women able and eager to share with the rest of us. Liesl at Distressed has a great tutorial for freezer paper appliqué, a technique that I have talked about on our blog. Check it out as this is a great skill to learn. T at Purple and Paisley has a great tutorial for freezer paper piecing that I'm dying to try out (not only that she's hosting a give-away so go over and leave a comment!). She makes it look so easy. And she got her idea from Dawn. Linda has a really neat tutorial for a book or folder cover. It looks so fun and easy. I am hoping that all the participants in the tutorial contest will be listed and not just the winners because there is something for everyone to learn.

I get so inspired when I click down the list of blogs on my side bar. There is so much talent out there it's just incredible. - nanette

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