Giving Credit where Credit is Due . . . And kits!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Excuse me, but my 50 year old brain is showing. I have had quite a few comments and e-mails asking about the little dress blocks and quilt from my last post. It was such a fun quilt to make I'm sure there are several who would like to know the original idea. I copied the diagram outline for the dress in the book so long ago (really 1+ year but it seems ages) that I had sorta forgotten what the original pattern looked like. Actually I was patting myself on the back for the clothesline idea! So today when I wanted to share my drawing of the dress I thought I'd better go back and make sure the idea was original. Well. To my surprise when I went through my books and pulled out the pattern I found I used more of the original pattern diagram and idea than I had remembered. "Doh!" Which is fine. That is why you buy books and patterns, to use them! But I have to back step a little and give credit where credit is due. As a pattern designer I never want to slight another fellow quilter's pattern idea.

So for all of you out there wanting to make a girl's dress quilt - here is the book. Its an excellent book with some really striking quilts. Not a dud in the bunch, actually. The history it gives about feedsacks alone is well worth your time. Ask your friends in your quilt groups, too. Maybe someone has one you could borrow.
So here is where I got my idea. So much for thinking I was making my version of an idea!
I did hand applique each dress on a block 8" x 8" instead of how the pattern has them positioned in the book. And to be completely fair, the embellishing of the dresses was MY idea! However, they are super cute just plain, too. Also I was asked the name of the fabric just below that I will use to border the dress quilt in baby size. I believe its "Lets PlayHouse" by Alexander Henry. My selvage is cut off because I used it in a selvage project so I can't say for 100% surety. I believe they have some on Ebay right now. But if you look for it you'll be able to see it pop up somewhere even though its out of print.
While talking about feedsacks I will answer a few questions I've received in comments about feedsacks. Where do you find them? The answer is anywhere I can. I have bought charm packs and feedsack fabric on ebay in the past. Now I usually get mine from Glenna (she has excellent prices and a great selection) or Darlene Zimmerman (a legend in feesacks and quilting). The larger feedsacks above were gifts from Natalie that she found locally at an antique store. Feedsacks are out there and they are so fun to use. You just have to find them. I love using something old and something that isn't available for everyone out there in a general fabric line sometimes.

Below is a quilt kit for one of the umbrella quilts give-away I am putting together. The umbrella fabric is vintage. I'm not sure how old it is but its only 36" wide so I think it must be from at least the 50s-60s. What do you think?So today is April 1. No April Fool's Day here. This is the last day to throw your name into the umbrella kit give-away by leaving a comment. Tomorrow I'll announce the 2 winners!! Yay. Again I've had great participation in this fun project. I absolutely appreciate all the comments and everyone's very kind words. Its been a real fun thing to do. I am not sure I'll get to answering all the comments but we do read and enjoy all of them - nanette

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