New this week

I think all of us love new fun things. Its exciting to open the mailbox and see a package inside. A month ago I was a very lucky winner of a drawing from Jane at her Posy blog, and this week I recieved the exciting package.

I thought I was just getting 1 cleaning cloth Jane sent from Devon, England. But it was a package of 3 cloths. I wish you could feel them. They are so soft and the perfect size. And along with the cloths was a darling purple crocheted heart. I love it. I want to make some myself now.

I've never seen anything in the USA like these Sarah Smith Cleaning Cloths. So if any of you know where I could get them in the US please tell me. I think they'd make a great gift. It says on the package "ultra absorbent". I can hardly wait to spray my granite counter top and wipe it off with my new cloths. I don't love cleaning but I'm excited to use these. And what better color could she send me? Perfect. Thank you so much Jane. Look at Jane's header on her blog. Wouldn't you just love to step through the screen into that beautiful setting?

And how about getting something "just because"? Eileen saw that Diane had sent me some cowboy fabric from Arizona and so Eileen sent me these very cute cowboy flannel squares. They are also really soft and will add a special touch to my next cowboy baby quilt. Thanks Eileen! Eileen lives in Ohio. Its so fun meeting people with similar interests from all over the world.

And yes new fabric. I couldn't resist. I love how Kimberly at the Fat Quarter Shop folds and packages her orders. And of course I reuse the twill that is tied around the fabric.

I have future plans for these new pieces. I am loving leaves and trees, its a happy fabric I can see as a border. And that tiffany blue and brown from the new Bell Bottom line I couldn't resist, its unique. The pink and red flowers I'm adding to my baby quilt stash. Pink and red together is a favorite combination.
And last I got a new wireless mouse at Costco. My old one wore out so slowly I didn't realize how completely disfunctional it was until I got the new one. I've never had a wireless mouse before and I highly recommend it.
All fun things. Again, a big thanks to Jane and Eileen - nanette
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Purple and Paisley said...

woohoo...lucky you! love your sweet of eileen (and diane before) and i do want to step into posy's header and just disappear for awhile...=)...those cleaning cloths are just too pretty to use!

Posy said...

I'm so glad that you like your cloths and the heart. Thank you for reading my blog!
Jane x

Unknown said...

I've seen these cloths online at other blogs. Thy are a Great Britain treasure I believe.

But I found Sarah Smith's website:

I registered to have a free cloth sent to me. They are not available in US but we can hope they will be soon :)


Di~ said...

Yes, Posy has an awesome header. Would like to travel someday!!! Thanks for 'linking' to me! I keep telling my daughter that I want you to be my next door neighbor. You are so funny when talking about the ragged edge quilt. I love all that stuff, it's what I've done a lot of tho'over the years. raw edge applique, ragtime quilts, and this cute little baby quilt, also. You got out of your comfort zone!

Nerm said...

Hi Nanette-everytime I visit your blog, you have something new and wonderful! Going back a few posts, I love, love, love that Mosaic quilt. Do ya think that pattern is still available somewhere? Nerm

Anonymous said...

What a great selection of fabrics!

Cheryl said...

What wonderful goodies came to you in the mail! Those are the nicest cleaning cloths I have ever seen. Great fabrics.

Eileen said...

oooo.. I love all your goodies. Wish we cold get those cleaning cloths here too.. only I don't know if I could bear getting them dirty!
Glad you got the cowboy patches. They were mixed in with a lot of other patches from the 50's, but I don't know if they are that old. Cute that they were cut with pinking shears though, huh?
Ok.. I'm back to the paintcan and ladder. Almost done!
Thanks for showing us your treasures!

Jodi Nelson said...

I saw that tree fabric on line the other day, your picture is much better! So cute! Love it.