Happy Blog Anniversary to Us and 7 days/ways to win

Sunday, December 07, 2008


December 7, 2007 was our first post to Freda's Hive (I can't believe it has one been 1 year). If you want to know why my daughters and I (Nanette) named our blog "Freda's Hive" - go here to our first post. Lots of you think my name is Freda. But Freda is my mother and our blog is dedicated to her memory.

Those of you that are regular readers or friends know that I do tend to "over do" things. So I have decided since it is December 7 that I will have a big extravaganza anniversary party all week long and offer 7 different prizes - why not.

Here are the details- if you leave a comment today and leave a comment everyday for the following 6 days (total 7) - I will put your name into the drawing 10 times. If you leave one comment on one post this week - then you get your name added once for the drawing. Or if you visit and comment twice - then you get your name in twice, and so on. If you post about my blog anniversary week party/giveaway on your blog then I will enter your name one extra time (but please email me so I know you've mentioned the giveaway on your blog). Get it? And 7 of you will be winners because like I said I have 7 prizes.

(Warning - you can't comment the day after a post and have it count! I will be checking the times/dates)

The first name I pick will get their choice of the 7 prizes and on down. So the 7th name I draw will get the last available prize. I hope this isn't too confusing/complicated. Well, that's the way I do things I guess.

Everyday this week I will post one of the 7 prizes. I think it will be fun. It is a busy time of year to be checking blogs everyday - sure. But if you win, you might possibly get a prize that you can regift! HA!

Today's prize is a quilt kit to make the baby quilt that I designed and made for Fons and Porter's Baby Quilts 2008 magazine . The magazine is just out this month - I finally got my copy! My quilt is on page 80 and of course I think it is the cutest quilt in the magazine. I submitted 5 baby quilts to their 2007 contest and they sent all of them back to me except 1 (no I didn't win the contest). And this baby quilt was kept to put in the special issue of Fons and Porter magazine. There is a long story behind it but I won't bore you with it. But it has been a long ride. I love how it is photographed in the magazine and there are some things I did differently than how they describe making it but it isn't a big deal and I'm sure their instructions are better than mine.

The fabric in the kit for the winner may not be a 100% match to the fabric in my quilt. But it will be very close. Two of the fabrics used are discontinued Japanese prints. (If any of you know where I can get more - do tell.) And if you want the quilt kit for a boy - with blue cascading blocks, then let me know and your kit will be more blue. I'm hoping I will have enough fabric to make 1-2 extra quilt kits for my Etsy shop, but it depends on if I have enough fabric.

Good Luck! I hope we all have a happy week and I hope you'll join me here each day to see the day's prize on display.


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