Alpine Days 2010 Part I

Saturday was the annual Alpine Days Quilt Show. I always look forward to seeing my friends quilts and talking to people as we stroll along the quilts in the church gym. I photographed some of the quilts to share.
As I walked in the gym an old friend greeted me - my "Going to Market" quilt.
I will never remember all the names of the quilt makers so I apologize. Isn't this fall quilt great.
I thought this quilt with purses was really clever.
I liked this scrap quilt. Perfect for using 2 1/2" squares.
This is Syd's quilt. She had help making this a few years ago from some women in Africa.
I thought this log cabin with a star was really great.
Sunny Days. I really need to make this quilt. All my friends are making it. You know how you are Nedra and Lori.
Another by Syd in wool.
Laurel's Omigosh quilt takes my breath away. Lovely sweater by Janice's daughter (I think).
I thought this quilt was staged so cute with a darling Featherweight.
Love this quilt. I always love houses.
Beautifully designed and sewn. Perfect for scraps.
There were 2 quilts from this pattern. I think this is a Jan Patek design.
Last in this group is one of Natalie's cactus quilts. I'm starting to like this quilt so much I might make one.

I'm on vacation this week but I'm posting ahead. I won't be answering email or comments for the most part. So forgive me. I'll try to catch up when I get back in a week or so. I'm in a hurry to get things done before I go so forgive no hot links.

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Unknown said...

Love them all!! Everyone is just unbelievably talented!

Ariane said...

Wow! All the quilts are gorgeous!!!

Nedra said...

Have a wonderful vacation. I'm so glad things worked out that you could finally get away.
Love all the Show and Tell from Alpine Days. Jina shows a lot of your work on her blog too.

West Michigan Quilter said...

What beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing.

Brandie said...

You enjoy your vacation! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful quits.

Dresden Quilter said...

The quilts are gorgeous. Have a great vacation!

Christine said...

Beautiful quilts .. Going to Market is my favourite. Thanks for sharing.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing!

pratima said...

So nice to see your's and Natalie's pretty quilts in the show. Thank you for the beautiful pictures... the quilts are stunning! Omigosh quilt is making me dizzy... so beautiful! Have a fabulous vacation :)

Pat said...

Enjoy your vacation. I'm kind of "offline" this week with little Jessi visiting...just catching an occasional blog here and there.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Nanette, you always have fresh inspiration on your blog and today's posting is no exception! They are all so pretty. Have a good vacation, and try to get a little rest while you're at it. :)

Jill Finley said...

Hi Nanette! I love visiting your blog for a colorful view of the quilting world! Thanks for sharing these photos, they are all great. And I love your new pattern...saw it on your Etsy site. It's wonderful, like all your designs!

Rae Ann said...

Alpine days are the best! I loved seeing the quilt show Nanette. Thanks for sharing!
Your new quilt is one of my favorites!

Janet said...

There are some stunning quilts among those. I loved them all.

Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for sharing the quilts Nanette! I love looking at them -- you're always full of inspiration!

Rumi said...

All the quilts are lovely but I like the purse one best of all...the cactus quilt was a close 2nd though.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful show! The quilts are all so beautiful - I really love Natalie's cactus quilt and your Going to Market! Also, the ones you mentioned that are truly amazing - the Dear Jane (or whatever it's called) is enough to give ANYONE pause! Loved seeing them all - thanks so much and have a great time off! xo, The Other Nanette

Allyson said...

Oh wow! What a great show and tell. Thanks for posting this. I spy TWO gorgeous quilts that are on my "someday" list. Omigish and the scrappy Jacob's Ladder star one. I can't remember it's name. It's a Carrie Nelson pattern. Love all the pictures!