Baby Quilt

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sometimes there are those "stop the presses" events when you have to move everything to the side and make a gift.  I consider those events a good time to challenge myself and try to make the most of my time and effort.

A family member is expecting in May but found out they are moving with only a few days notice.  So it became baby quilt making time for me pretty much over night.  I had a few triangle fabrics cut out already so I decided to go with the red, white and blue color scheme and cut out more fabrics to go with what I had on hand. 
I added a few light prints into the white triangle areas just for a bit of whimsy.  You can't go wrong with pretty fabric. I used a pink/red houndstooth to bind it.  I like the interesting shape the triangles create.
I machine quilted it myself using the shapes to dictate the straight line quilting.  I was glad to have this apple fabric on hand to use for the quilt back.
I hope they like and enjoy the baby quilt.  It was fun to make and no matter what, you can't have too many quilts for a first baby.


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