Easter Egg Cups - get ready

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I love egg cups.  I find them somewhat impractical but I love the idea of using them.  I think the shape is so pretty and the colors and designs are innumerable.  What can be better than pretty egg cups than pretty egg cups for Easter?
Think how cute these would look with little scoops of Easter colored ice cream.
Egg cups would look cute with herbs planted inside, tiny candies, votives  or as I use them...little holders for kosher salt and coarse pepper.
Grab your Easter pastel fabrics, little lengths of ribbon or trim and be ready for a week of Easter Tutorials called Easter Bunny Blog Hop coming your way the first part of March featuring several blogs and hosted by Melissa Stramel.  Here is a sneak peak of what will be in MY tutorial. (I really think they will look more like eggs in the cups once the sashing is around the blocks.  I hope.)  Riley Blake is sponsoring the Blog Hop with charm packs but I've been practicing with the above fabric until my charm pack arrives.  I figure I'll make a few.  My project will be a table runner.  I hope I haven't given too much away but that I've peaked your interest and you want to block out time to participate.


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