I'm Up to Date

Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm been pretty proud of myself for keeping up with Lori's Row by Row quilt.  I was able to get the latest row of spools done in just a couple hours over the weekend.
The spools were very simple and are a perfect addition to the other rows.  I used a brown gray solid for the spool.
I looked through my fabric stash to pick fabrics that might imitate thread.  It was fun to add some new fabric choices to my rows.  I think they all turned out pretty cute.
I made 10 houses from Lori's last block but after talking to her about the finished quilt being 70"x 90", I knew I really couldn't throw an extra row of houses into the equation   So I picked my favorite 5 houses and stitched the sashing and bottom/top borders.  So with the spools, I'm completely up to date.  Check.
It was hard to choose which houses to use in the quilt but I'll figure out what to do with the other houses and somehow add them to the project.
After seeing everyone's houses on blogs everywhere I know for sure this is my favorite row.  
I met Lori for lunch Friday.   Even though it is her birthday she brought me a valentine gift.  It is a sweet reproduction red topped square jam keeper.  I love it.  Lori packed it with Godiva chocolates.  Yum.  Thanks Lori.
Lori's birthday is the 16th.  Be sure to wish her a happy birthday this week.  She came ready to show me what her next projects are and I'm very excited for her.  Just when I think she's come up with her best work, she tops herself with more exciting fabric and patterns.  Lori has a fun spring ahead for us.


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