Fabric Friday Valentines

Friday, February 08, 2013

I like stash fabrics.  Those are fabrics I can pull off my shelf and make anything with when the inspiration or need occurs.  My stash consists mainly of small yardage from fat quarters to under a yard.  Of course I have favorite pieces with larger yardage as well, but not as numerous.
Valentine's Day is just 6 days away and in my head I imagine making fabric valentines for everyone I know.  But let's get real.  If I make a handful, I'm doing great.  I pulled a few fabrics from my shelf to make a special valentine for a friend having a birthday very soon as well.
I had a bit of red toweling left from other projects.  So I decided to machine applique a valentine from Pam Kitty Love fabric and I machine bound the towel with a black and white stripe.  I think the stripe sets off the red perfectly.
I also made a little valentine card tag.  I fussy cut a valentine from Pam's fabric.  I also fussy cut a stamp from that stash fabric I showed above and stitched the stamp to the top border in the accent PKL check. Then I sandwiched batting to a backing fabric and made some very basic quilting around the heart and in the border.  I didn't bind the valentine. I thought binding would overwhelm the card.  I just left the fabric card raw edged but I added a little rick rack to make it pop.  Placing a metal ring will allow me to hang the valentine from the package and make it easy to hang the valentine for a later decoration.
I'm meeting my valentine friend for lunch today at our favorite spot.  She's very sweet so I decided to package sweet treats for her.  I found a vintage sugar shaker that I thought was perfect.  The little soap is peppermint candy scented.  Of course I had to add my favorite chocolate bar for her.  Do you know who this valentine gift is for yet?
Inside the sugar shaker is red and white sugar for topping cookies or cupcakes.  I think they will be fun for her to use - because she is very crafty, a great baker, and knows just how to add that special touch to everything she makes.
This is a re-purposed gift bag.  I know she won't mind that.  It is too cute to just have gone around 1 time. I used the towel as my tissue paper, added the little sweets to the package.  The final touch was the valentine tag.  I think she'll like it.  Who is my valentine friend?  Of course it is Lori.  Her birthday is Feb. 16.  I think that is why red is her favorite color.


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