I Have A Problem - Scrappy Trip Along

Monday, February 04, 2013

Do you remember what happens when a vinyl record gets scratched?  It gets stuck and plays a short phrase over and over and over until the needle gets a tiny push.  
I feel like I'm that scratched record.  Don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly in a rut. I'm being productive and having a good time. But I really should stop and move on to other projects that were started ahead of this one.
What should I do to give myself that little push to get me working on my other projects?  
I'll soon have enough blocks for 2 Scrappy Trip Along quilts at this rate..  Or more if I can't get off that skip and stop cutting strips and stitching them together.  This has happened to me before with other things.  I am known to excess (8 children for instance).  So forgive me while my blog seems a bit of a rerun.  It has to end sometime.  Right?


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