Barns and more Barns

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I'm determined that my barns will not become a UFO quilt.  You know, I never used to have a problem finishing my quilt tops.  I don't know what my problem is lately.  But my barns will be a top as I keep up with Lori's.  Since the quilt block in the barn is a 6", it is easy to work ahead of Lori with some blocks I've made once before.  Remember, I am trying to make them look like hex signs.
This red barn is probably my favorite of this next bunch.  I like the darker red and the hex sign/quilt block is perfect.  I like the roof, too.  It kind of looks like green thatch (if you squint).
This gray block is kind of a softer hue (and it was ironed, I don't know why it looks wrinkled in the photo).  I  went for a faux circle in my hex sign/quilt block.
I remade some of my Farmer's Wife blocks for these 6" blocks.  I tried to have the center square look like a distelfink.  A Distelfink is a classic bird in  hex signs.  Hex signs all have meaning.    A distelfink is there to wish good fortune.  Here is a site that tells what popular hex signs mean. 
The clover in a hex sign also roughly means good fortune.  I really like this clover block.
I made myself a cheat sheet for the cutting table when I cut my barns.  It helps me remember what I'm supposed to do.  I can't wait to see what Lori's next barn looks like.


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