Barns Sewn Together

Monday, April 15, 2013

I've sneaked ahead on my Barns project.  See how Lori is instructing the latest progress here.  When I started this project I had a vision of how I wanted to put my barns together.  When I saw Lori's tutorial I decided to incorporate what I tentatively planned with what she suggested.
I scrappy sashed my barns since I had 12 already completed and was ready for this step.  But I wanted to enhance the look of hex signs in the barns so I changed the sashing up a little with the red diamonds created in the middle section of the quilt.  It just seemed more "hexy". 
I like how it came together and I have the finished flimsy sketched in my head with just 2 more steps.
I hope Lori doesn't mind me working ahead and changing things up some.
These barns and hex signs have been really fun to work on.  I'm going to miss making them.  A barn is somewhat of an extension of a house, right?  Maybe that is why I liked creating them.  We all know I like quilt houses.


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