Baskets, baskets and more baskets

Friday, July 25, 2008

I have been making gifts and getting some projects prepped for some time off I'm taking next week. I have made so many of the baskets from the tutorial on Pink Penguin I can hardly keep track of them all. I've really enjoyed making them so much. I even changed the size of the squares and made 2 larger baskets. It is such an easy project I highly recommend you try out making the basket for a gift or just for fun.
This picture shows the 3 sizes I have made. For the large basket the squares are (cut) 3 1/2", for the middle basket the squares are (cut) 2 1/2" and for the small basket they are (cut) 2". Pink Penguin's original tutorial is the smallest size - 2" squares. I allowed for increase in the linen bottom part of the basket and the lining by measuring the parts of the smaller basket and increasing in proportion to the changes made in the size of the squares.
I made this one for fall using pieces from a charm pack I picked up last month. Don't you love charm packs! You get all the flavors of the fabric line for under $10.00 in most cases.

The lining was from my stash - from the Peas and Carrots fabrics of last year. And I added rick rack to the tops of all the baskets like the first one I made.

This one is the middle size and I used Anne's Flowers for Miss Emma's fabric,

and I lined it with a check from that same line.

The rest of the bags are scrappy and from my stash using a combination or reproduction fabric and retro Japanese. This one is a kitchen basket.

cowboy basketkitchen basket
linings from various stash pieces

more linings
Mary Engelbreit basket
Japanese novelty fabric basket
classic black and pink

Okay I may or may not have gotten the basket obsession out of my system. For now anyway I have so many other things I gotta do. Have a nice weekend. - nanette

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