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Monday, July 07, 2008

The holiday weekend was mainly a birdie weekend for me.

I completed 2 more projects to photograph with the finished quilt for my in my In the Leafy Treetops pattern.

The quilt is completed, quilted and pattern written. YAYYY. I am also having the pattern proof read and tested. Nadine is in the process of making birds and she hand pieces. Her work is amazing. I admire those hand piecers out there like Nadine.

Here is a sample of Nadine's work. Everything is done by hand. Isn't it cute. I like how she is taking my idea and making it her own. Isn't that what quilters do!? Yep. Thanks Nadine.

I wanted to make a table runner and show that the birds can be adapted to fall colors and small quilts.

Natalie bought this bag at Gap on a great sale. Its a linen-like fabric. She had the idea to sew the birds on the bag in a little different way. I love how it turned out. Again, I wanted to show some versatility to the idea/pattern.

So, photography is still pending but I'm nearly there. Next month the pattern will be on sale in my Etsy shop and in some fabric stores.

I did have some comments and emails about my flag. I only showed a small piece on my July 4 post, so to answer your questions - the squares are all 2" (finished size). This pattern is also available in my Etsy store. I feel silly saying that when I've pledged to cut spending in July. I'm not pushing it and not to take anything from my idea, but it's a pretty simple pattern/concept. I think its all the different fabrics that make it colorful and attractive.
Thanks for all your sweet comments and support. Our blog has the best blog readers


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