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Monday, July 21, 2008

Jodi made a basket and showed it on her blog and she credited Ayumi from Pink Penguin. The baskets are so cute. And Pink Penguin has a TUTORIAL! Don't you love when that happens. You find something really cute and the instructions are free and easy to make.

Over the weekend I cut out 6-7 baskets. I thought they would make great gifts and be a cute way to hold small things in my home. The baskets are smallish in size by the way. I'm thinking of modifying the idea and making some larger ones.

I really had a great time picking out fabric (from my stash!) and sewing up the first basket shown here. I made the handles slightly longer and added some rick rack. I also opted to machine quilt around some of the squares.

I finished my apron I started sewing last week. It has been a while since I have followed a pattern for something more like clothes construction. I had a few things to change/fix. I lowered the ties slightly (actually I unpicked them 4 times but most of that was user error). I love Jennifer's Bell Bottom line of fabric and I think the apron turned out bright and cheerful with a hint of vintage. The pattern is from Barbara Brandeburg. I had planned on making more aprons this week but I don't think I'll have time. I'll stick to the baskets I have cut out and see how much time I have left over. I have really darling yellow and blue fabric for my next apron so I am excited to make another one now that I've conquered this design. Here is Laurie again, the reluctant model wearing her Phillies' cap and teenager expression.


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