Easter Dresses

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Eileen and I have been talking about great Easter memories including gloves, purses, hats and new dresses. We thought we would show some pictures from our childhood and bask in the memories. It would be fun to see your pictures too, so play along with us. Go to Eileen's blog post and sign up with us through Mr. Linky and add your blog name to the trail of vintage Easter pictures.

My first pictures are all black and white. I have some color pics to show later this week. Growing up, Easter was a big Holiday second only to Christmas followed closely by Halloween and Thanksgiving. My mom, Freda, always made our clothes and Easter clothes were a special part of the day - something new to represent the resurrection.
I look kind of shy here. I was 3 here I think. The most important part of the picture to me is my natural curls that my mom would form into ringlets. The picture was taken with my cousin, Sonny. He was nearly my dad's age and we were very close to him and his mom, my very special Aunt Julia that we called Auntie. At the time this picture was taken we were neighbors. We moved soon after this was taken. You can see it was in an old part of town and this street doesn't even exist now. It was a humble neighborhood. But when you are a kid, home is a wonderful place, especially on a Holiday. I can actually remember the slip I wore with the itchy tulle, more than I remember the dress or hat.
Now this picture shows my true personality - the bratty baby of the family. This is Easter Sunday taken outside of our church building in Reading Pennsylvania. My mom, Freda, is middle back. Two of my 4 sisters, Polly (left) and Michelle (right) are with me. I think I was around 7-8 in this picture. I can remember the fleesy white coat. I remember I lost a button that went to the coat and I couldn't find it.
This was taken the same day, obviously. It was with my Sunday School class. I grew up with these kids from birth through 11th grade and then my family moved to Utah. The kids all grew up to be great people. My sister Michelle was our teacher at that time. She couldn't have been more than 15 or so. Our congregation was quite small at the time and at a young age we were all given responsibilities. I was the Junior Sunday School secretary when I was 13. Seems strange to think that now.

Don't pictures from your childhood make you smile!


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