Easter Eggs Over Easy -Mini Tutorial

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny is going to be prepared this year at my house with a little wall hanging. I think the eggs would be cute in a table runner, too.
You can see the eggs are just a simple snowball block. Very easy and quick and many of you could probably machine quilt this project yourself.
The printed egg fabric is a 5"x6" block. White fabric squares are 2@2" square and 2@1" square. (However, if you want the bottom part of your egg more pronounced you could make the bottom squares 1 1/4".)
I always press my small squares in half diagonally and use that as a stitching line, so stitch along the diagonal as above.
Trim seam allowance to 1/4" and press seams outward away from the center. Cut vertical sashing 2" wide by 6".
Sew sashing in between blocks and at both ends of your row of eggs.
A 2" strip of horizontal sashing is attached between each row of eggs.
I made my border 6" wide. Because the fabric is a one way design I cut out my bottom and top borders first. So whenever you have a one way design plan your cutting first.

Well....the eggs aren't perfectly shaped. You have to use your imagination a bit and the bottom squares could easily be made a little larger, but this photo of the flimsy doesn't really show off the squares very well . After it is quilted I'm hoping you can more visually see the blocks are eggs. But I think it is cute and it was very simple. I like that.


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