I want to show you this! And Fabric Friday

In addition to fabulous fabric today I wanted to show you some fun things because I can't contain my excitement about them.
The fabulous and wonderful Dawn sent me this sweet and thoughtful gift. It is a needle case -extraordinaire. First of all it is made with vintage fabric, a cute button closure and is decorated with personalized hand stitching. Look at the cute beehive! So sweet.
Inside Dawn made 2 compartments on either end of the wool where needles are kept. The compartments are divided in 3s for keeping scissors, floss, thread and notions. It is such a perfect size. Dawn thank you so much. This is lovely. I'm going to put it in my bag right next to the zipper bag Sherri made me where I keep my glasses and chap stick. I love it! Dawn and Sherri are working on my "All Dressed Up" quilt pattern and Dawn's is nearly done. Can't wait to see it.

Next I want to show you some pictures swiped from other blogs. There are some exciting projects out there.
I have to show you what Rachel got in her 4 seasons swap clear from Australia made by Esther. Isn't it so amazing. What a great fall quilt. I have seen quilts around with this general idea. I would love to make something like this. I like the colors, and the patchwork. The tree is so perfect. Love it. Congrats Rachel! I'm very jealous.
Valerie is another new friend that I met at the quilt retreat in Bryce Canyon. Valerie is a quilt designer and a very talented girl. She was in my "Leafy Treetops" quilt class. Go over and take a look at her progress as she blogs about this quilt. I love what she did with the pattern - she made it her own with her own colors and her own ideas. See how cute that appliqued kitty is sitting in the corner just salivating over the pink birds. Valerie this is turning out cute! Thank you for letting me share it on my blog.
Betsy at Quilting Fiesta has been working on my "All Dressed Up" quilt for her granddaughter's birthday in October. Betsy is such a prolific quilter and does so many fun projects. She has this project checked off her list in plenty of time for the event. Betsy did such a great job, too. It is so much fun seeing others work from my patterns. I love it! Thanks Betsy.
On to fabric. Next week is St. Patrick's Day. I love the shape of a clover and the whole "good luck" idea behind clovers. This fabric is on my shelf waiting for a project.
I really like patchwork fabric. This would make a cute bag just the way it is.
Here is a fun sewing themed fabric. The colors and pattern is really fun. Again I'm waiting for the perfect project. I almost made a teapot out of it. I still might do that. A sewing teapot - combines 2 loves.This would make a fun border for my "All Dressed Up" quilt. In fact this fabric makes me want to make another one.Tiny little matryoshkas in an orangy red color make a good accent print in patchwork projects. I've used tiny bits of this in bags. I love strawberry and fruit fabric. This one is so whimsical. I have a tiny bit left in another colorway so when this piece was on clearance I bought a yard. I think it will be cute in my bag kits.

Weekend sewing coming up.


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Des said...

okay, those ladies and those hair-do's!! I'm off to the beauty salon!

Betsy said...

Nanette I too love the tree with leaves.
I know Jane Sassaman makes one too but her book is out of print.
If you can ever find a pattern for this one, please share the source. I too would love to make it.

Kim said...

such wonderful pictures and lookie another Nanette quilt pattern- hmmmm I wonder if I have enough marbled fabric to make those eggs....very spring like
enjoy your weekend

Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

What wonderful fabrics!! I am so glad you shared those great pictures of all those quilts!! Thanks.

Lurline said...

Love your little needlecase and wow! the quilts! Fabrics to die for!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh, I love fabric fridays, again love them!! also how very kind and talented id dawn, so sweet! Have a nice weekend!

Sherri said...

Well...Dawn and I were talking up at Ruby's about things we could do for you to say "thank you..." and I knew she was going to make you that...but wow, she has put me to shame...she got it done so fast! And I love the pink "In the Leafy Treetop" quilt...I remember seeing that one at Ruby's!!! I've got that project on my list as soon as the dresses are done. And of course...such lovely fabrics!

Lori Holt said...

That is so fun to see other quilters color ways when they do your quilts. They are so cute:)and so are your patterns!
What a lucky girl you are to recieve such a darling gift.

Thimbleanna said...

Your new little needlebook is so cute -- what a nice gift. Again, I'm so amazed at your fabric finds -- that one with the scissors is fantastic!

Tonje said...

What a great needle book. A very useful gift!!

Kaaren said...

I love your needlecase! Pincushions and needlecases (or pinkeepsas I call them)...you can never have to many of them!

I think I have to shop for some of that novelty-type fabric. You're rubbing off on me Nanette. (grin)

ilovebabyquilts said...

Love your blog! Just came over from Dawn's looking for the dressed up tutorial. Still looking! I like the Easter eggs a lot. Check out my blog if you have time. Cheers!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Love the needlecase!
And those quilts are fantastic. The colors in the dress quilt are beautiful.
Fun fabrics, too!

Kimberly :)

Eileen said...

Hmmm.. so many points of interest in this post. Let's see. I think my favorite is that kitty added to the bird quilt.. what a cute idea! And Betsy's dress quilt really is super. She will not admit it.. but she IS a prolific quilter!

Your Easter Egg tutorial is sweet.. love how you can just think up simple things like that and put them all together for the rest of us to try. A gifted one you are indeed.

Hope your weekend is going good.. will catch up with you soon. :-) I am still not adjusted to losing an hour this week.

Billie said...

Hi, Freda, I love all the inspiration you pass on to me! I've given you an award, if you get a chance come on over for a visit. Have a great weekend!

Mimi Sue said...

There are so many talented quilters out there. Just beautiful. Mimi

Tina Leavy said...

hello, you are a winner! please stop by my blog at www.gardengoose.blogspot.com and contact me via my profile. You have won one of the canvas prints. I'll need to know where to ship your gift to. Thanks so much!

MichelleB said...

Fabulous fabrics (as usual). Love the little girls and of course the matryoshkas.

Millie said...

What a lovely post. The tree quilt is beautiful. Nice fabrics too.

Cathi said...

What a fabulous needle book!! I love the clover fabric!

happy zombie said...

What a sweet needle book! Sweet gift for a sweet lady!

Love your show and tell pics too (I always do!). I love the tree/autumn quilt!

Lily Boot said...

A needlecase! Would have been marvellous for my weekend outing where I was reduced to cutting thread with a butter knife! Your fabric is lovely as always Nanette - and your bag kits must be gorgeous. :-)

Carrie P. said...

I am a little later for Fabric Friday but I am here now and love the show and tell as always. Thanks for sharing.

Nan said...

That is the sweetest needlecase! What a lovely gift. The quilts are beautiful! I love the kitty salivating over all those cute birds.
Your fabric, as always, is wonderful to look upon. Thanks for sharing!

Mel said...

Fun post today!! It's fun to see how other quilters have put your great patterns together!

Love the girls with the fun hair fabric!!

I really like the hexagon bag too!!