Just a little Something for my Tea Swap Partner

Thursday, March 05, 2009

My package is nearly ready to send far far away to my 'Time For Tea' swap partner. I wanted to make something that sorta kinda represented me but also something she might like. I used scraps of just a few of my favorite fabrics . . . some old and some new.
I enjoy binding. It is like the frosting on a cake. There isn't better binding (at least to me) than bias gingham binding.
Unless it is bias gingham binding sewn on a scalloped edge. I just hope she likes it. Just before I wrap it up I'll dampen a washcloth with some citrus water and put this little gift into the dryer to get it just a little crinkly and "age" it.

I'll be ready to mail on Friday and say bon voyage to my little scrappy project along with some fun things to share with my swap gal.


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