Waffle Dish Cloths - tutorial

Monday, April 20, 2009

A while ago I bought some white waffle cloth. When I made dish towels last year I thought it would be good to make some dish cloths too, but I ran out of time. I finally took an evening a couple weeks ago to make these dish cloths and it was really easy and fun. I've since found out that (of course) I'm not the first to make these waffle dish cloths. Lynn (thanks Lynn) let me know that Amanda Jean had written about this on her blog too. But I thought I would post about mine anyway. What the heck.

You can buy waffle cloth from many sources. Hancock carries it and Moda makes some waffle coth too. You can also get it here, here and here among many sources. It comes in several colors and textures/patterns. Lynn and the Amanda Jean post let me know that it is best to wash the waffle cotton BEFORE sewing into dish cloths. Unfortunately I didn't think of that before hand and haven't washed mine yet but I'll certainly prewash before making my next batch of dish cloths. I used my 9 1/2" template to cut the waffle cloth into squares.I'm always looking for ways to use "left overs". I used extra Jelly Roll strips from from the Moda Sweet line. Don't we all have extra Jelly Roll strips hanging around? Yes. The 2 1/2" strips worked out just great. There was enough length to join the ends of the binding with a bit to spare.I just sewed the strip on the waffle cloth like regular quilt binding.Then I pressed the binding flat and then pressed it folded over to the back of the cloth.I top stitched some of the binding, stitching on the front so that it caught the binding on the back of the dish cloth. And some of the dish cloths I stitched in the ditch, catching the stitching on the back of the binding. I think either one worked well and it would be a personal preference which method to use. This is a view from the back where you can see the stitching is close to the edge and does tack the binding in place.Here is another view from the back. It was an easy project and it makes a very simple and inexpensive gift. I used them last weekend to give to my sisters and friends along with some great smelling countertop spray I bought on sale here. And no, I didn't pay the price they have listed.


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