Fabric Friday - Linen Prints

I have a little collection of linen/cotton blend fabrics. Some are solids and some are prints. I thought I would show some prints today because I'm starting to really eye them with a thought to actually doing something with them rather than hoarding them and enjoying how pretty they are on my shelf.
Linen blend has been popular to use in projects and even in quilts for a while now. Some of this is the Zakka influence of Japanese crafters. Zakka roughly defined means 'home made or crafted items for the home or personal use'. There are books, blogs, and lots out there on etsy.com that represent what Zakka means. I'm not much of a crafter, really but I am inspired by all of the above. And making quilts and quilt related projects would be included in the term Zakka.
This is a really great piece of fabric that would be perfect for placemats, a bag, coasters, or any number of Zakka. It reminds me of PA Dutch fabric. I need to use it.
I purposely didn't iron this great piece of linen/cotton because it shows the wrinkling that can occur with a linen blend. I think that the linen softens up after washing and using. But that is something to consider when using a linen blend. How will this look in a finished project? This fabric above is divided into several different prints and perfect to cut and use for a table topper or dish towel.
My daughter Natalie is really trying to steal this linen made like children's lined paper. Each piece of linen blend has a unique weight and feel to it. This one is softer but still does wrinkle a tiny bit. Think how fun this one would be to embroider words in a childish script. I like that idea because my embroidery wouldn't have to be that perfect!
This whimsical fabric is a fussy cutter's dream and where there is so much to look at it is also perfect for projects in a child's room. The bees in this drew it to me.
There is a great number of Zakka projects involving kitchen items and this would make good oven mitts, appliance cozy, or table cloth.
Mushrooms as a theme is a throwback to the '70s has been popular in the last few years. This fabric could make anything from slippers to a pincushion.
The owls especially drew me to this bird and flower linen blend. That blue color against the raw linen color is really striking. I think this would make a great bag.

You can see I have lots of things I could make with these fabrics. And I certainly want to do that. And hopefully will do somethings. But that old "master" time is an issue.

Have a great weekend.

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Sue said...

I really enjoyed the display of linens in your collection. I think it would be hard for me to cut these up and use them instead of hoarding them, so I applaud you for taking the initiative :D.
These are just lovely. Thank you also for sharing that bit of information about Zakka. Good info.

pratima said...

Nanette, these are just the sweetest and wonderful assortment of linen fabrics. I love them a lot too and have some in my stash. It is so hard to cut into them though ;)
Have a great weekend!

Thimbleanna said...

Great Fabric Friday Nanette! I haven't done anything with linen yet, but I'd sure love to!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Those fabrics are really pretty, Nanette. You have such great finds always. I shy away from linen. Mainly because I remember too well linen skirts and dresses I had years ago and what a pain they were to iron!

Shari said...

You have some beautiful linens. It would be great to see them used for something special.

Jan Marie said...

Those are great, I have never used linen because of the wrinkling but some of those are tempting.

Ariane said...

I love all these fabrics!!! They are gorgeous!!!

CreationsForEleanor said...

Those fabrics scream PA Dutch, so neat, you find the best fabrics!