Post-Christmas Catching Up

Monday, January 07, 2013

I'm getting in the swim of 2013 as we go into our 2nd week of the new year.  But before I show you what I'm doing this week I wanted to show a few pics from Christmas.
My friend Sandi, is someone that is always "in tune".  Sandi is always serving others and often sends me and Allison treats from Minnesota. This Christmas gift arrived several weeks in time to enjoy before the holidays.
Sandi knows Allison loves Elmo.  I think we've really enjoyed this fun book together, along with the other treats.  Thanks so much Sandi.  Aunt Sandi is a very special person.
Nan in Washington is another one of my super friends.  This fabulous package arrived for me on Christmas Eve.  I call that perfect mailing.
Nan always knows the exact gift.  What could be more "me" in 2012 than this Queenly inspired gift?  Pure perfection.  Thanks Nan.  Love it all.
I feel kind of guilty for this fabric gift from Tricia.  I think I begged her for it, or nearly did.  The dishes on fabric are lovely and so pretty.  Even British, too.  Thanks Tricia.  This is special fabric.
My friend and neighbor Laura dislocated her shoulder right before Christmas.  I was so glad when she asked me to sew up this last minute doll quilt for her granddaughter.  Laura does so much for others, so I was very happy to help her this time.  Thanks for asking me, Laura.  It was fun.
I had to share this funny little clip from our Christmas fun.  Having our granddaughters living in our home is a blessing.  I purchased a cheapy Santa suit for Mason to be a pretend Santa.  It ended up being so much fun we had Santa come several days.  And even Jamie got into the act and played Santa.  Allison never knew they were anything but her "special" Santas.  Playing this still makes me laugh out loud.  Allison was kind of shy with our Santa but was happy to sit on Santa's lap and asked for him/her everyday.

Fun stuff.


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