Valentine's Day with PKLove

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I knew when my Pam Kitty Love fabric came in the mail from Pam that I wanted to make a project for Valentine's Day.  I adore Pam's fabric.  It is like Pam and Holly created fabric just for me.
I thought I would use my tutorial found here for the hearts and sew up a table runner for my big kitchen table.   The tutorial was easily adapted and I made 5 connecting hearts.  Smaller tables may want to make 3 hearts.
I used my scraps from my PamKittyLove quilt (working on the pattern) that I'll be showing soon.  I love the vintage valentines in the border print and the little conversation hearts in the sashing. 
I quilted the runner myself.  I cross hatched the hearts, pebble quilted the light fabrics and stippled in the border.  The project went pretty fast but the project did take most of one day from start to finish.  I bound the runner with Pam's red gingham (love that!). 
I placed my reproduction (Target several years ago) platter in the center of the table.  I think the runner and platter look very cute together.
There is still plenty of time to sew for Valentine's Day.  Scrappy hearts are fun and super easy to make, especially when teamed up with PamKittyLove.  


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