Scrappy Trips or Pixels Around the World

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I've decided on a way to organize my trips before stitching them into a flimsy.  
I focused on making a similar color or intensity somewhere in the block and matched up 4 squares creating a "round".
Then when lining up the group of 4 blocks, I tried to make sure the groups created a secondary trip.
I didn't place the similar color round in the same place in all my groupings of 4.  And not all my groups had this strong of a color match.
I also tried to place contrast of light and darker fabrics in each of my blocks so that the "rounds" stood out.
Since the project is scrappy, it still has that fabulously unplanned look of a scrap quilt but I think the pattern is more recognizable this way.

Thanks to my daughter Jamie for helping me take photos.  She has a nice camera and does a great job.  She calls the project Pixels Around the World.  I love that name.


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